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Doing what is best for students is our guiding principle. To this end, the Oakwood School community commits the resources, support, expertise and experiences needed for all students to achieve.

Learn More About Harman:

  • Harman staff is committed to developing the whole child.
  • We strive to create a balanced learning experience including the arts, outdoor education and collaborative problem solving.
  • At Harman, we promote the 3Rs: Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Build Relationships.
Fun Run boys

Happy Halloween from Harman

Winnje the Pooh based Halloween costumes
Harry Potter based costumes
Halloween costumes at Harman
Harman 6th graders in costumes
Brenda Casterline in her Halloween costume
Girl in her Halloween costume
Teachers dressed as banana split

      School News

      Philharmonic Visits Harman

      Thanks to members of the Dayton Philharmonic, Harman first graders know a little bit more about music and about being kind to others.

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