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โ˜”  APRIL 2024 ๐ŸŒฑ 

๐Ÿค” "WHAT'S GOOD?" ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

pug puppy and two kittens
A recurring monthly feature, submitted by various students and staff
  • Mrs. Mullen's flowers are starting to bloom!
  • Katelyn F. (5) is excited for the Quidditch finals!
  • Carly W. (4) won her soccer game!
  • Ellie E.'s (4) favorite baby-sitter isn't moving away!
  • Mr. Edwards is grateful for his student teacher and thinks she's the best!
  • Mrs. Dzuris enjoyed doing kindergarten screening!
  • Mrs. Rivard got a pug named Piper!
  • Mrs. McAllister got two kittens, Lacey and Lambeau!


by Ellen S. & Giuliana F. (4)
  1. Which season is the best time for a trampoline? 

  2. Why do you think frogs are always happy?

  3.  Why do you think the farmer planted the seed in a pond? 

  4. Did you hear the news about the mama bed bug? 

...Check out the answers at the end of this month's issue!


by Ellie E. (4), Lilias A. (4), and Sylvie K. (5)
students dressed as historical figures

Last week, Harman's second graders did the wax museum. They had to stand still in one pose from 1:30 to 2:00 then they read a short line acting as their person.  The purpose of the wax museum is so the kids can learn about biographies.  Most of the second graders rated the excitement a 10/10. 

Some of the second graders said that their favorite parts of the wax museum were the props, speech, and dressing up. A lot of the second graders said they were very nervous about their speech. They also said it was very hard standing still or in a pose for that long.

The first thing they did when they got to the auditorium was when Mrs. Bennett gave a speech then all the kids said their line. At the end, Mrs. Parker gave a speech.

Pictured above are some of the second graders in their poses: Dolly Parton, Ben Franklin, Leonardo da Vinci, Milton Hershey, Betsy Ross, and Princess Diana.


by Molly W. (5) 
student stands smiling

Ramadan is a Muslim holiday and one of the most sacred times for Muslims. Ramadan commemorates their prophet Muhammad receiving the first revelations of their holy book, the Quran, from Gabriel the angel. They will fast the whole month in thanks. Some rules during Ramadan are practicing self-restraint, prayer, abstaining from eating, drinking and smoking and giving to charity. Now I know what you are thinking, you can’t live without food or water but do not worry they do eat at night. During the month to celebrate you can socialize with family and friends and pray more.

This year, Ramadan was from March 10-April 9, and second grader Adam E. celebrated Ramadan for the first time. He said that he wanted to try his best, and wanted to be proud of himself for fasting. One tradition his family does together during Ramadan is reading all of the Quran. When Ramadan ended he felt exhausted, but after all the fasting they get to eat a big meal with family and friends, and his favorite part -- they all gave gifts. Adam said that his first year doing Ramadan was amazing and it gave him a sense of importance.


by Claire G. (5) & Charlotte E. (5) 
girl smiles

April’s Military kid of the month is Payton F. (5). Payton’s favorite colors are lime green and hot pink. Payton's favorite food is angel hair pasta.

Payton's homeroom teacher is Mrs. Moore, and her favorite movies are the Harry Potter series. Her favorite subject is ELA and her favorite special is art.

Payton moved here since kindergarten but after first grade she moved to Nevada, then she moved back to Ohio. Payton has felt sad when moving because she did not want to leave her friends behind but she also felt excited because she was getting to see her old friends again.

Payton’s favorite place that she has lived in was Nevada, because of the hot climate and the friends. Her favorite sport is cheerleading.


“The way I see it, if you want a rainbow, you gotta put with rain.”
- Dolly Parton


by Charlie D. (5)

State testing is a simple way to determine how you have learned over the years. Every state has its own learning standards. State tests can help measure where you are on the learning standard, above average, average, and below average. Kids 3rd-8th grade take the test in Math and Language Arts. They are important because it shows how well you are taking in the materials that your teachers give you. State testing can open up a box of many different emotions. Each is unique in its own way.

Here are some quotes to share how they feel about the state test. “State testing can be stressful for everyone involved but I value the opportunity to see how much my students have learned.” Mr. Savage (5). Another teacher’s view is somewhat different: “I think they should be shorter and adaptive.” Mrs Reymann (5).

The state test picks all your learning and growing results from a good year. Harman teachers are a real help for the test. A student in 5th grade named Katelyn F. gave her views: “It depends on how much I have learned in the year. I don’t totally hate them if I’ve had a good year learning-wise.” 

On the downside, many people are not fond of the state test. Naturally, you are not having the best time of your life; it can be pretty boring. Ruby B. agrees, saying, “It is terrible because you are in a room staring at a screen.”

The dates for the state test for Harman are the following:

  • April 9-10 for 5th & 6th graders (ELA)
  • April 11-22 for 4th graders (ELA)
  • April 16-17 for 3rd graders (ELA)
  • April 23-24 for 5th & 6th graders (Math)
  • April 25-26 for 4th graders (Math)
  • April 29-30 for 3rd graders (Math)
  • May 1-2 for 5th graders (Science)


by Charlotte M. (5)

people inside a homemade bathtub rowingBathtubbing may be the silliest sport there is. Bathtubbing originated in Nanaimo, British Columbia. The very first bathtubbing race was held in 1967 and every July till this very day it has been kept alive. Bathtubbing is a race where participants can compete in one of the three options below:

  • 100m solo trail - which is timed and recorded 
  • Multi bathtub races- these races can contain up to 4 bathtub races
  • Synchronized Bathtubbing- two paddlers face each other, one must paddle forwards and the other must paddle backward. To add on to that challenge they have to paddle fast for 100m!

This seemingly easy and goofy sport does come with rules: 

  1. Boats can’t be propelled by a motor. 
  2. The boat can be moved by paddling like a canoe. 
  3. Teams must provide their paddles for the race. 
  4. The teams must bring their own floatation devices which are mandatory for race. 
  5. You must bring your bathtub which can be homemade. 

As you can see this sport has been around for almost 30 years and still it isn’t very popular and not a lot of people know much about it (until now!)! If you don’t understand this goofy sport or have a lot of interest in it click on this link Bathtubbing Facts!              


by Sylvie K. (5)
students stand in a group, smiling, all wearing purple

Everyone was asked to wear purple on Monday, April 15th. Do you know why? If not, I’ll tell you… just continue reading. If you do know why but want to know more continue reading too.  

Purple Up Day is a day when we celebrate military kids with a parent or caretaker serving in any branch of the military. Why purple? Purple is a combination of the colors of all branches of the military. 

We also wear purple to show your support and appreciation for what people in the military do and what their kids need to go through with a parent or caretaker in the military.


by Soren F. (6)
boy stands smiling

Jeremiah L. (6) is a new student to Harman this year from Kettering City Schools. He is thirteen years old and enjoys Pokémon. “It [his experience here] has been pretty good; the teachers are very nice, and it is a better school than the last one I had," he says. “My favorite thing about Harman is Mrs McAllister, and going to her WINK Group.”

Jeremiah also remarks “I am partially excited [for seventh grade] because I hope I don’t move, and it is hard to tell what will happen in seventh grade. It could be good, it could be bad, it could be lame, it could be frustrating.” “I love Mr. Wadham and his corniness,” he states.

You can spot Jeremiah on the blacktop in the sixth-grade hallway, or anywhere around the building, make sure to say hello!

๐Ÿ—“ word of the month ๐Ÿ“–



          noun;  a severe flood
          Jimmy got a deluge of homework.

Similar words: flash flood, torrent, spate


by Ruby B., Nathaniel P., & Toby R. (4)

Drumming duck in St. Paul rocks to his own beatWe have another weird world record for this month! This month's weird world record is a duck who has 99.3 thousand instagram followers! This duck's name is Ben Afquack who likes to rock out playing the drums with his duck dad, Derek Johnson. Derek is a drummer himself and he reveals that the hilarious videos of Ben are all complete coincidences. Derek said “One thing that makes [ducks] great adventure companions is their instinct is to follow you. Once they like you a little bit, They really have no choice but to go wherever you go! We are better together because we are each other's buddies. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!’’

Ben has the instinct to kick his legs every time he is picked up off of the ground. One day, Derek picked up Ben and he started kicking his feet. Derek’s wife slid a drum underneath Ben’s feet and started filming him. Ben’s channel on Instagram now has about 99.3 thousand followers.

Find more information at:


by Louise O. (5)
would you rather


family of four smiles in a field of wheat
by Art K., Todd O., & Everett P. (4) 

Mrs. Coulter came to Harman Elementary in 1994 and currently teaches second grade and has taught first grade, second grade, and fourth grade. Her birthday is July 29. She lives in the country and has three dogs.

She has two kids, one named Troy and the other is Abby. Troy is 21 and is at Miami University. Abby is 25 and is studying to be an Occupational Therapist. Her favorite animals are cows and dolphins. She teaches all subjects like math and ELA.

Her favorite sports teams are the Bengals and the Cincinnati Reds.


by Abby B., Lola B., & Morgan D. (4)

We interviewed 50 people from 1st to 6th grade, and this is what they said is their favorite ice cream flavor:

pie chart showing cookies and cream is the most popular



by Ellen S. & Giuliana F. (4)
  1. SPRING-time!

  2. Because they eat whatever bugs them!

  3. Because he wanted to grow a watermelon!

  4. She is going to have a child in the spring!

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๐Ÿ€  MARCH 2024 ๐ŸŒˆ

๐Ÿค” "WHAT'S GOOD?" ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

A recurring monthly feature, submitted by various students and staff
  • Livy H. (2) had a great time in the Dominican Republic and held a baby monkey and a parrot! She even got to zipline too!
  • Bridget R. (2) has been enjoying making board games in class!
  • Maddie H. (2) got two new pets! They are both dogs, cavachons: Penny and Nickel!
  • Lucy W. (2) is excited about maybe getting baby parakeets soon!
  • Arthur L. (3) is excited about the third grade carnival after spring break!


by Ellen S. & Giuliana F. (4)
  1. Why is everyone so tired on April first?
  2. How many lips do flowers have?
  3. Can February March?
  4. Why did the strawberry cry?

...Check out the answers at the end of this month's issue!

โ›ช THE HISTORY OF St. PatricK ๐Ÿ€

by Molly W. (5)

St. Patrick was born in England. When he was 16, he was kidnapped by Irish raiders, put in slavery, where he was a shepherd for his master. For six years he prayed for help and carved a cross into an old tree. One night, he woke up to hear a voice calling for him. He thought he was dreaming, but then he heard “Patrick, go to the dock tomorrow at night and there will be a boat waiting for you.” He could not believe what he was hearing.

That night, he went to the dock and, scared with disbelief in his eyes, there was a boat.  He wondered, was this God helping him? If so, he took his chances and went to hide below deck. When he got back, he could not think about Ireland and how they thought there were so many gods. He spent the next couple of 15 years doing religious training in France. After that, Patrick was ordained a bishop, and sent back to take the Gospel to Ireland. He died on March 17th. St. Patrick's Day is to celebrate St. Patrick bringing Christianity to Ireland and Irish culture and heritage.


by Mary F. (4)
comic of a little girl who forgot to wear green on St. Pat's Day and got pinched


by Sylvie K. (5) & Molly W. 

Cameron R. is in 5th grade. He has a 6-year-old brother, named Jet. He likes a lot of things, for example, dogs, tacos, burritos, pad thai, art, sports, cake, ice cream, and winter. More things include, the Hollows movie, the City Spies book series, brownie sundaes, Coca-Cola, and video games that include Super Mario Brothers and Star Fox. His favorite colors are black and white, and he likes sports, for example fencing. He also likes hanging out with friends. 

He has lived in many cool places, such as Florida, Las Vegas, Alabama, and Germany. The coolest place he has ever lived was Germany because it's nice and cold and he learned a new language.  He thinks the second coolest place is Las Vegas because he has lived there the longest. Cameron thinks the best part of being a military kid is making new friends, and the worst part is moving and saying goodbye to friends and family.  His dad and mom are both in the military and they are in the Air Force.


“The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.”
- Harry Golden


by Lola B., Abby B., & Morgan D. (4)

We interviewed a lot of people, and most people say that P.E. is their favorite special. Many say it is just fun, but some other people got more specific:

  • Some people say P.E. is good exercise.
  • The exercise is fun.
  • It’s not a hard exercise.     
  • It feels like your not exercising.           
  • Gets our energy out for class.
  • There are fun activities and fun games. 
  • It is a fun way to connect with friends.         
  • It is a fun brain break.      
  • Mr. Kesler is great.          
  • You don’t really get a grade.


by Soren F. (6)
students sit at a table trading cards

The Pokemon club was started recently by Jeremiah L, in sixth grade. Kids started the day with the usual practice of eating their lunch. Afterward, the kids met up and compared, traded, and debated their cards.

“This is a little bit of chaos,” says Mr. Wadham during the meeting. Landon F., (6), says, “It’s really fun that you can interact with people and talk to people.” “I love it. It’s really good. I love how I can connect with other people who enjoy Pokemon. It’s also fun because all my friends/gang come here to chill. We’ve also rediscovered our love of Pokemon,” remarks Jaxon H., (6).

Maybe you should try out this new club at Harman School!


by Charlotte M. (5)

Daylight Savings Time (DST)  took place on March 7, 2024. Teachers at Harman had many different opinions. Here are a few of them: Mrs. Moore's (5th grade) said “My kids wake up at the wrong time.” Ms. Harrison has mixed feelings about it: “I don’t like losing an hour, but it means spring is near.” Ms. Logsdon likes DST because “It means summer is coming.” Some people don’t bother to change their clocks like Mrs. Reymann, who’s family doesn’t change their clock in the dining room because they rarely consult it for time. Even so, half the time it’s wrong. DST marks the beginning of spring which is a wonderful time where flowers bloom and the end of the school year creeps near.  

While DST might sound like a pain it has logic behind it. DST was created many years ago by George Hudson who was the first to propose the idea of DST in 1895. The reason he thought it was important was because if it was put into action DST would allow people to work more during the warmer months, and farmers could get up an hour earlier to tend to their crops and savor the sunlight.

Daylight Savings Time 


by Ruby B., Nathaniel P., & Toby R. (4)

Have you ever seen a penguin that is a general? How about a cat that could purr up to 50 decibels? Every month, we will write one weird human or animal world record. This weird world record is about a penguin whose name is Sir Nils Olav. His full title is Major General Sir Olav lll, Baron of the Bouvet Islands. A Major General usually commands an army of 10,000-20,000 soldiers. His record is he is the highest ranked penguin in the world. Sir Nils is 21 years old. He is the mascot of the King’s Guard in Norway. He was knighted in 2008 by King Harald V, son of King Olav V. 

The tradition started in 1961, when Major Nils Egelien of the Norwegian King’s Guard fell in love with penguins. He said the march of the king penguins reminded him of the King’s Guard soldiers marched. Many years later, when they returned to Edinburgh, he arranged for the army to adopt a King Penguin as their own mascot.

Learn more about Sir Nils here!


by Louise O. (5)
have puppies or kittens; find a fairy or a leprechaun; have a flower garden or a greenhouse; find a four leaf clover or bunny


by Art K., Todd O., & Everett P. (4) 

One thing you probably don’t know about Mrs. Fry is that she used to be a star on a reality T.V show. She has two daughters: one is 25 years old and the other one is 19 years old. She has three cats named Darelos, Tutu, and Baer. All the pets she has or had were or are named after Disney Characters.

Mrs. Fry has lived in Oakwood for twenty-eight years and she has been teaching in Harman for sixteen years. She grew up in Centerville, Ohio and worked in Kettering for five years with a total of twenty-one  years of teaching schools. Her kids went to Smith School when they were kids.

Her favorite restaurant is Old Scratch Pizza. And she likes hamburgers, chicken tenders, and pizza. She also likes home cooked food. 


by Charlie D. (5)

Water sloshed around the boat as it trudged through the area. The sails were hoisted into the air and moved back and forth slowly. A black skull was printed on the sail looking anonymously at the fish below it. Clouds rolled in from the distance and a thunderclap followed them. A storm was brewing and everything that came after was marked danger! The lifeboats strapped to the side of the watercraft banged against the side making scratching noises that swirled into the air. The wind picked up faster and faster just as the captain stepped out of his cabin. 

Water flew and slid from one side of the ship to the exact opposite. The captain crawled from the stern to the bow, standing would cause him to plummet into the thrashing water. Soon below deck, he strode to the bunks. Most of the pirates were drifting in and out of deep sleep with the waves. The captain pushed one of them and they quickly fell off the bed. Landing on the captain's drenched boot. No one was awake and they wouldn’t ever wake until the next morning.

Looking down at his map he sighed slowly and sadly. A red danger and skull mark sat on the map right where they were. He trudged up the wooden steps and was hit by something wet and slimy. Everything went dark for a short moment until his eyes slowly opened. The rain fell onto the deck and dripped off the sides. A red tentacle shot up from the water and speedily cracked a hole in the deck. Something huge, the size of at least 10 mansions rose out of the water! The sun lifted and the captain woke up deserted on a desert island with thousands of wrecked boards around him. He would be stuck forever!

๐ŸŒ‘ THE 2024 ECLIPSE โ˜€๏ธ

by Ruby B. & Nathaniel P. (4)
total solar eclipse

The solar eclipse is a site-seeing event that happens quite rarely. A solar eclipse happens when the moon blocks the face of the sun. While you see the sun and the moon to be the same size the sun is actually 400x bigger than the moon and 400x farther away from the moon making it look like they are the same size.

Now why don't we have eclipses like every day or month? Well that happens because when the moon is orbiting around the Earth it is at an angle and it may be too high above the Earth or too low of the Earth and it takes time for the moon to be at the same angle as the Earth to make an eclipse.

Now here are some safety tips so you don’t get harmed. NEVER and I mean NEVER look at the sun or the eclipse without eclipse glasses and do not use regular sunglasses as they will not work and it will harm your eyes. Make sure you do not use any binoculars or telescopes and or anything optical or where you look through unless you're using solar eclipse glasses. Remember to wear sunscreen, and a hat.

  • Mrs. Kenney is geeking out about the eclipse. 
  • Nora (4) is super excited to watch the eclipse.
  • Signe’s (4) grandparents are coming over to watch the eclipse and make a Polaroid camera.
  • Elizabeth (4) is having a party in her grandma’s backyard.

Learn more from NASA!


by Charlie D. (5)

Flamingos are fascinating birds that live peacefully in Africa, South America, and some parts of Asia. They are omnivores and eat a variety of foods, including shrimp and snails. Flamingos live in colonies and build nests made of piles of dirt that have an alcove for the egg to be laid. After about 30 days of waiting, a flamingo egg hatches, while the mother and father take turns sitting on it to keep it warm. 

The pink color of flamingos is similar to the shrimp they eat. However, both flamingos and shrimp are pink because of the algae they consume, which contain carotenoid pigments. It is important to note that flamingos are not endangered as a species, but some species, such as the Andean Flamingo, are listed as vulnerable.                                                                        

In conclusion, flamingos are a beautiful addition to the natural world with their rosy pink color and astonishingly long legs. They are a true gem of nature.

To learn more, visit this site!


by Giuliana F. (4)
  1. Because they finished a 31-day March!
  2. Tu-lips!
  3. No, but April May.
  4. He found himself in a jam.


by Abby C. (5)
baby animals dressed up in st. patrick's day clothing

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๐Ÿ’  FEBRUARY 2024 ๐Ÿซถ

๐Ÿค” "WHAT'S GOOD?" ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

A recurring monthly feature, submitted by various students and staff
  • Ben P. (6) flew his RC airplane at the soccer fields, and for the first time, it didn't crash!
  • Ezra D.-B. (6) got a soccer net in his backyard!
  • Anna G. (5)'s soccer team is going to finals for a tournament, and they get to watch the Columbus Crew game before because they are playing on their field!
  • Soren F. (6) is getting a new puppy!
  • Luca D. (6)'s soccer team finished the season 8-0.
  • Ava M. (6)'s sisters just got two guinea pigs!
  • Vivi K. (5) won all three of her basketball games last weekend!
  • Mrs. Johnson is looking forward to going to Maine to play in the snow!


by Giuliana F. (4)
  1. What kind of candy is never on time?
  2. Why do skunks love Valentine's Day?
  3. What do owls say to declare their love?

...Check out the answers at the end of this month's issue!

โค๏ธ THE HISTORY OF VALENTINE'S DAY ๐Ÿ‘ฉ‍โค๏ธ‍๐Ÿ‘จ

pencil and crayon drawing of st. valentine
by Molly W. (5), illustrated by Mary F. (4)

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate who we love or care about but there is more history to it than you think. Valentine is the saint of lovers and marriage. During the Roman Empire, most of the men at the time did not want to fight in the wars because they did not want to leave their families, so the Roman emperor Claudius Gothicus made it so that no one could get married. St. Valentine saw and told the couples to meet him in the church to get married in secret.

When the emperor found out, he sent the guards to get him. When they brought him, the emperor told him if he stopped, he would be free. St. Valentine denied it, so he was put in jail and sentenced to hang.  The day before St. Valentine’s execution, all the couples he helped gave him flowers through a tiny window in the jail. Even though we lost him we keep his memory alive by celebrating Valentine’s Day! To learn more, visit this link!


by Giuliana F. (4) and Sylvie K. (5) (pictured below)
two girls stand, holding a collection jar

The Ronald McDonald House is a place for families to stay if their child is sick in the hospital. They stay at the Ronald McDonald House so they can be near their sick kid. Families can stay free of charge for as long as necessary. 

The Student Council is trying to collect pull tabs to give to the Ronald McDonald House. The reason we are trying to collect pull tabs is because several pounds could get the people in the Ronald McDonald House things they need during their stay, like food (granola bars, oatmeal, etc.) or toiletries (toilet paper, towels, tooth brushes, etc.). You can collect them at home and bring them to school to add to the collection! There will be bins around the school, at Ashley’s, and reminders on the announcements.


“A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside.”
- A.A. Milne


by Abby C. & Charlotte M. (5)

Black History Month is in February. It was created to celebrate all that African Americans have accomplished. For example, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, and Frederick Douglass all changed history in their unique way. We decided to give examples of three African-American role models to remember and celebrate this month.

photos of martin luther king, jr., rosa parks, harriet tubman, jackie robinson, and frederick douglass
  • Rosa Parks, a strong and stubborn woman who was a civil rights activist, was born on February 4, 1913. One of the most famous civil rights movements was the Montgomery Bus Boycott. This took place on December 1, 1955, when Rosa Parks boarded the #1857 bus and was told that she had to give up her seat for some white people to have seats on the bus. Rosa Parks refused James F. Blake’s orders and did not move. This helped many other people who believed segregation was wrong (having two types of everything, one for white people and one for Black) to stand up and speak out. Rosa Parks's memory is still remembered to this very day.
  • Martin Luther King Jr., a man who stood up for what he believed in, was born on January 15, 1929. He had his first speech when he was 14 in April 1944. This inspired him to start speaking everywhere he could. Fourteen was a very impressive year to start teaching people about what you believe in because finding what you want to do for the rest of your life at only 14 is very rare. On August 28, 1963, he gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. 250,oo0 people attended his speech, and he inspired many more.
  • Frederick Douglass, a man with many talents, was one of the many people who were able to escape slavery in 1838. In 1841, at an anti-slavery convention, he was asked to recount his experiences as an enslaved person. His speech was so mesmerizing that he became an agent for the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society. His legacy still lives on; he was one of the most historic speakers against slavery and his words and speeches helped others stand up for civil rights.

In conclusion, Black History Month should be celebrated and honored just as much as any other holiday because while we just named a few, thousands of African Americans contributed to the life we have today. We hope this gave you a better understanding of Black History Month and helped you dive deeper into the complex web of the past.

References: Martin Luther King Jr.Martin Luther King Jr.Martin Luther King Jr.Rosa ParksFredrick Douglass

๐Ÿซถ valentine-GRAMS: compliments FOR TEACHERS FROM TEACHERS ๐Ÿ’›

by Abby B., Lola B., & Morgan D. (4)
  • Mr. Edwards said he likes the way Mrs. Ford teaches kids how to like reading.
  • Señor Dear appreciates Mr. Holzberg’s sarcasm.
  • Mr. Gowdy says Mr. Savage is very thoughtful. 
  • Mrs. Hiltbrunner says Mrs. McAllister is really good at gift-giving. 
  • Mrs. McAllister says Mrs. Hiltbrunner is always helpful. 
  • Ms. Lakin says Mrs. Dow is the nicest person.
  • Mrs. Dow says Ms. Lakin is caring.
  • Mrs. Mullen says Miss Harrison is smart and funny.
  • Miss Harrison says that Mrs. Patterson is supportive and helps people grow.
  • Mr. Tim (the substitute) says Mrs. Moore is smart and charming.
  • Mrs. Sutton says Mrs. Teeters is kind, caring, and giving.
  • Mrs. Stern says Mrs. Fry is very helpful. 
  • Mrs. Fry says Mrs. Stern is energetic. 
  • Mrs. Bennett says Mrs. Kenney is very thoughtful.
  • Mrs. Kenney says Mr. Wadham has the best smile and laugh.


man hides behind joshua tree in front of clay colored rocks
by Charlie D. (5)

Señor Dear has not yet been to North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Hawaii, or Alaska. Soon, during the summer months, he will venture out to Alaska on a cruise to check it off his list. This idea to go to all fifty states came into his head because the U.S. has so many amazing ecosystems and historical sites. He plans to go to all the states by 2026. 

Señor Dear was surprised by how much he adored Utah. It was unbelievable because it had beautiful landscapes and parks. One of Señor Dear’s favorite states was New York because he saw Hamilton the musical on his birthday. He also saw a range of other shows while he was in New York. In conclusion, when you see Señor Dear pass you in the hallway, make sure to wish him a fun time on his cruise in Alaska!


by Carly W. (4)


         /stฤ“z/   /stฤ“z-ee/

  • noun/adjective (slang);  a combination of the two words “style” and “ease;” the effortless and fun sensation you feel when performing a trick (like while skiing or snowboarding).
  • “Dude, you went down that slope with steeze!”
    “I know! I’ve done it about a million times. I am so steezy when it comes to that slope!”
  • If you happen to be going skiing on winter break, and you hear someone say "steezy" or "steeze," you will know what it means!


by Charlotte E., Payton F., Julia F., & Claire G. (5)

Have you ever had Brussels sprouts? Well, we are going to tell you our opinion. Let's start with their taste. First of all, they are like eating a literal piece of dog doo doo – they are just straight-up bitter and they smell like tiny green feet! They are just the smaller gross version of cabbage! Secondly, the color! They are this slimy dark green ball of horror!  Last but not least, they will chase you in your nightmares! If we had to eat Brussels sprouts to save our lives, we would not dare touch it! 

a picture of brussels sprouts

First of all, Brussels sprouts are a very healthy snack: they are the smaller, even better version of cabbage. They are very nutritious for you – they are rich in vitamin K and they are very high in fiber. And if you add a little salt, they are very tasty! You can even have them with bacon to add flavor! People who like Brussels sprouts are more attractive and more likely to have better, more successful lives. They will make you more friendly and grateful! If your parents ask what you want from the store you should say Brussels sprouts!

...What do you think?


by Louise O. (5)
a series or pictures, this or that, themed around valentine's day



by Art K., Todd O., & Everett P. (4) 

Mr. Gowdy has been in Oakwood since 1997 and he grew up as a Michigan State fan.  His favorite restaurant is called Sotto. His favorite food from Sotto is pasta. He grew up in Kettering, Ohio, and went to Cincinnati for college. He also went to the University of Dayton. Mr. Gowdy teaches math, and has taught 6th grade for 30 years!  

four smiling faces, dad, daughters, and mom

Mr. Gowdy’s wife is Mrs. Gowdy, aka Ms. Harrison. They have two daughters, Elliott and Emery. Elliott is 21 years old and Emery is 19 years old. One thing you probably don't know about is that both his daughters go to the same college.  

Mr. Gowdy has 3 sisters. He likes yard work. He has 2 pets: 1 dog and 1 cat -- which only has three legs!  His favorite color is orange. Some of his other hobbies are riding his bike and going to Cincinnati. Mr. Gowdy's favorite American football team is the Bengals. He also likes to make birdhouses. His favorite vacation was when he went to Italy.

An interesting fact about his house is that he lives in a duplex. A duplex is two houses in one! His house is right across from Smith. He likes being neat.  

๐Ÿ˜ silly sports: ELEPHANT SOCCER โšฝ

by Charlotte M. (5)
people sit on top of elephants and play soccer

Come one and all to watch and play Elephant Soccer! All genders are welcome to watch and play this unique sport. This sport is an annual Thai tradition held to help other high schoolers from local schools become involved in sports in Thailand. You might think that the elephants might just sit around but actually, the elephants are pretty good at this sport. 

There are two teams of 3 elephants. One elephant is the goalie. If the elephant goalie lies down, the opposing team will get the ball and a penalty will be called. This sport originally used soccer balls but they switched to polo balls because they realized that the elephants liked to pop and smash the soccer balls. Even though this sport started as the funny idea of Elephant Soccer (which was the original name), they changed it to Elephant Polo because of the soccer ball incident. After that, it became more popularly known as Elephant Polo. In the year 2004, The Scottish won 12-6 against National Park Nepal. Now if that isn’t wacky then I don’t know what is!

Resources: Elephant SoccerElephant Soccer


by Alyssa V. (4)
  • Stephanie (parent volunteer) is going to the beach with her kids! 
  • Mr. Mike, this is a sad one, will just be cleaning the school =(.  
  • Mrs. Kenney will be going to Tennessee.
  • Mrs. Mullen will be going to Florida.
  • Ms. Lakin will be taking care of her sister.
  • Mrs. Dow plans to just have fun.
  • Sr. Dear is going to Texas and New Mexico.
  • Mrs. Walther and Mrs. McAllister are going to a school in Beavercreek. 
  • Kate (1) will play with her neighbors.
  • Hadley (1) will play with her dog.
  • Ada (1) will go to Michigan. 
  • Eva (2) will go to her brother’s birthday party.


by Giuliana F. (4)
  1. Choco-LATE
  2. They are very scent-imental creatures.
  3. Owl be yours!


by Abby C. (5)
cats and dogs surrounded by hearts

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๐Ÿฅถ  JANUARY 2024 โ„๏ธ

๐Ÿค” "WHAT'S GOOD?" ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

A recurring monthly feature, submitted by various students and staff
  • Vivienne M. (4) got second place at her gymnastics competition!
  • Amelia S. (4) got a new dog!
  • The 6th grade basketball team won the Centerville invitational tournament!
  • Evey I. (6) gets her braces off the beginning of February!
  • Gwendolyn M. (5) won her basketball game!
  • Anna H. (5) got 1st place at her swim meet!
  • Elliot H. (5) is excited about going to Michigan for a ski trip.
  • Mrs. Coulter is excited to pick her son up from the airport!
  • Cameron R. (5) is excited for fencing practice.
  • Brady L. (5) is excited for basketball practice.
  • Griffin H. (4) has a new puppy!
  • Audrina L. (4) is excited for her sister's birthday party.


by Ellen S. & Giuliana F. (4)

1. What does the Easter Bunny say on New Year's Day?

2. What do you call a nice ghost on a cold January night?

3. What does a field grow on January 1st?

4. Where do you find Google during January?

                                            ...Check out the answers at the end of this month's issue!


by Sylvie K. (5)
girl stands smiling in front of USA flag

The military kid of the Month is Claire S. She is in 6th grade. Before she moved to Oakwood, she lived in Alabama. The coolest place she has ever lived is England because it is out of the country and it is very close to a lot of countries so you can travel A LOT.  She thinks the best part of being a military kid is moving to a lot of cool places. The hardest part is leaving your friends. Her grown up that is in the military is her dad, and he is in the Air Force. 

Claire loves to play outside with her friends. Her favorite flavor of ice cream is peanut butter and she likes burritos. She likes winter because she likes playing in the snow. She likes to read books; her favorite book is Keeper and the Lost Cities. Her favorite color is pink; she loves to crochet; she plays percussion; she loves musicals. Claire has two sisters, Kate and Emma, with whom she likes to hang out. She also has a dog named Rosie. 


"You can start anew at any given moment. Life is just the passage of time and it's up to you to pass it as you please." 
- Charlotte Eriksson


by Claire G. (5)

You may think that New Year's means staying up late and the start of the New Year but to some people it means a chance to start fresh and new. New Year's means different things to different people. Mrs. Mullen says New Year's means she can make better habits; Payton F. (5) says that New Year's means you can spend more time with friends and family; Mrs. Rivard says that New Year's means that she is turning a year older because her birthday is New Year's Eve.

New Year's means different things to different people. Yours might be something like starting fresh and new or staying up late it does not matter, but some people need a new start and New Year's can mean whatever you want it to mean as long as it means something for you.


by Abby B., Lola B., & Morgan D. (4)

Kalia’s and Nora’s gymnastics trip is going to be in Las Vegas. Kalia’s and Nora’s coaches signed them up to go to Las Vegas. They are feeling positive, nervous, and excited.  They are leaving on January 26th and returning on the 30th. 

Kalia's and Nora’s friend Arielle is going with them as well. At the competition they will be competing bars, beam, floor, and vault at this meet. When they get back make sure to ask them how their meet went.


by Ellen S. & Giuliana F. (5)
  • infographic with list of ways to keep resolutions
    Mr. Edwards wants to make sure he helps his student teacher as much as possible.
  • Mr. Savage, Mrs. Dow, and Mrs. Parker also want to get more exercise. 
  • Mr. Holzberg wants to at least get 8 hours of sleep. 
  • Mrs. Kenney wants to be on her phone less and read more. 
  • Mrs. Lakin wants to eat at least one veggie a day.
  • Mrs. Bennett wants to eat better and get more sleep.
  • Mrs. Coulter wants to spend less money on things she doesn't need.
  • Mrs. Fry has a word, progress, and she wants to make progress in her life.
  • Mrs. Rivard wants to reduce her screen time.
  • Mr. Wadham does not make resolutions because he acts like every day is a new year with a new opportunity to do better.

    (picture from VeryWell)


Written by Ruby B., Toby R., & Nathaniel P. (4)

     One cold day in January, James looked out his window.
     “Why can’t there be snow this late? It's already January and there hasn’t been a single snowflake yet!” James said sadly to Max, his dog.
     “James! Time for breakfast!” yelled his mom.
     “Coming!” called James. 
     He kept on thinking about snow all through breakfast, and all through the day. He decided to take a nap after lunch. He dreamt that he was in a snowy winter wonderland, and the song ‘Let it snow’ was playing in the background. He went sledding and skiing and drank hot chocolate and cider, and of course was playing with his dog Max.
     When he woke up, he couldn’t believe his eyes! It was snowing! He ran to his room to get Max’s leash, his coat, boots, hat, and gloves. 
     “James! Where are you going?” his mother said, alarmed.
     “It’s snowing Mama! It's snowing!” He said, excited.
     He burst through the door and started making a snowball. He rolled it up, and it got bigger and bigger, until it got bigger than Max, and Max was a big golden retriever. Then he made the 2nd snowball. It was as big as a monkey! The 3rd snowball was as big as a playground ball! He added buttons and a carrot and a scarf and hat! James named the snowman Icicle. Then he made snow angels, and had a snowball fight with the neighbors. He even played fetch with Max!
     It was getting dark, so James and Max went inside.
     “Did you have fun?” Mom asked.
     “Yeah, but why did the snow come this late?” James asked.
     His mother hesitated, but then said “Global warming.”
     But before he could ask his mom what that is, she said “You’ll learn about it in school. Now time for bed! Go!”  James didn’t hesitate. He brushed his teeth and changed into his pajamas. Then he got into bed.
     “Goodnight Mama.”
     “Goodnight James.”
     The next day, James couldn’t go outside through the door, he had to go through the window! The snow had piled up high enough to barricade the door from the outside! James and Max had another fun day, and when the snow finally melted, they didn’t care, because school had finally started again.


by Charlotte M. (5)
a man jumps over a camel

Even though this sport might sound unreal, many people who compete regularly practice every day since they might rely on money. You can win if you beat all the other competitors. This strange fun sport was created a few generations back. No one knows exactly how it was invented but, it probably started with someone being challenged or dared to do something for a reward which sparked more people’s interest because people there didn’t always have enough money. This strange sport originated in Yemen. Yemen has many open fields and mud which are 2 of the most important things needed for the sport. Mud is used for the platform that is built for people to jump off of to get started for their daring jump; the open fields provide much space for the camels (which are very big animals). 

All of the rules of camel jumping are as follows:

  • You can’t touch any part of the camel when you are completing your jump.
  • You must wear the traditional/proper attire during the contest.
  • You can’t go past the mount in which you jump off of.
  • You must be barefoot so as not to damage your shoes.
  • You have to start a distance away from what you are supposed to jump off of.
  • The camels must be placed horizontally.

If you have more questions about this wacky sport, check it out here




          noun;  a sunshine that warms you despite being surrounded by ice and snow.
          I hope you enjoy January's apricity until the weather catches up.

Similar words: FUN FACT - there aren't really any synonyms for this!


by Abby B., Lola B., & Morgan D. (4)
  • Go ice skating 
  • Snowball fights 
  • Go sledding
  • Go skiing  
  • Build a snowman
  • Go snowboarding 
  • Make arts and crafts
  • Drink hot cocoa
  • Make cookies
  • Make a gingerbread house


By Charlotte M. (5)
cartoon of girl running, surrounded by cats

In this exciting graphic novel, Katie lives in New York and doesn’t have much money, so when she learns that all of her close friends are going to camp without her. She at first doesn’t mind but, the idea of spending the whole summer with her friends quickly catches on. She decides that she will earn enough money for camp, but soon she realizes she’s not the best at every job. Just as she starts to give up on earning money for camp she meets a lady at the grocery store who offers her a job to cat sit her 217 cats!! Katie couldn’t resist the job and she soon realizes she just might be able to make enough money before camp is over. She soon realizes she might be just caught up in a superhero mystery with secret identities.

I enjoyed this book because it has many plot twists and turns and has you thinking about what will happen next! The author does a good job of tying real life with cartoon superheroes, it also begins in a very interesting way it shows the evil supervillain Mousetress reacting the same way as Katie does. You should read this book if you 1.Like a good mystery 2.If you like cats {Or not!} 3. If you like superheroes and or cartoon characters The author Stephaine Yue does a great job of tying in a life lesson into this dashing graphic novel. I would rate it 41/2/5.

๐ŸŽ STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Mrs. George ๐Ÿค—

by Art K., Todd O., & Everett P. (4) 
woman smiles at camera

Mrs. George is a sub at Harman. This year, she has subbed for Mr. Holzberg and Mrs. Davidson. Some of the fun things she does are silent ball, karaoke, and watching fun videos. She has been a sub for 2 years and she speaks Spanish because she studied it in college.

Mrs. George has 2 children, a 15 year old girl named Elena and a 12 year old son named Vincent. She is 44 years old. She was a mascot for 2 years and she wore an Eagle costume and went to college in Michigan. She also played the french horn when she was younger.   


by Ellen S. & Giuliana F. (4)

1. Hoppy New Year!

2. Casp-burr.

3. New Year's hay!

4. The Winternet.


by Abby C. (5)

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๐ŸŽ  DECEMBER 2023 โ˜ƒ๏ธ

๐Ÿค” "What's GOOD?" ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

A recurring monthly feature, submitted by various students and staff
  • Giuliana F.'s (4) basketball team won their first game!
  • Emma C. (2) Is excited to go to Michigan!
  • Cora C. (2) is happy she gets to go to Kentucky!
  • Ofelia M. (2) is excited to go to Universal Studios!
  • Barrett R. (3) was in a basketball tournament and his team won 2nd place!
  • Macklin F. (3) beat his swimming record.
  • Maddie H. (2) got her ears pierced.
  • Mac M. (2) went to Bill’s Donuts with his grandpa. 
  • Toby R. (4) is going to Vancouver, Canada.
  • Ila H.’s (4) cousins are coming from New York to visit.
  • Evey I. (6) is excited to cut down her Christmas tree!
  • Annistan B. (5) won her cheer competition and won a trip to Florida!
  • Clara A. (4) is going to Costa Rica for holiday break.
  • Signe M. (4) & Ava M.(6) are going to Hawaii!   
  • Coen C. (2) is going to Kentucky to visit his grandparents.
  • Towa S. (3) saw his uncle and his dogs.
  • Amelia S. (4) got a new dog! 
  • Soren F. (6) won his team’s first basketball game! 

๐Ÿคฃ Ellen and giuliana's jokes: HOLIDAY EDITION ๐Ÿคช

by Ellen S. & Giuliana F. (4)

1. Why should you put your calendar in the freezer?

2. What do you call Santa when he stops moving?

3. How does a giraffe get ready for Kwanzaa?

4. Why does Santa work at the North Pole?

                                            ...Check out the answers at the end of this month's issue!

๐Ÿ‘ฉ‍๐Ÿ‘ง‍๐Ÿ‘ง MILITARY KIDS of the month ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

by Sylvie K. & Julia F. (5)
two brothers stand smiling

Levi (1) and Noah (3) N. are kids in the military; their dad is in the Air Force. Levi is in Mrs. Mohr's class, and Noah is in Mrs. Dunham's class.

Levi thinks being a military kid is hard because they must travel and move a lot. They both think it’s fun because you get to go to new schools, get new friends, they get to go see their dad’s equipment, and move to many cool places like Texas and Arizona.  Levi thinks it’s scary sometimes when their dad is away.

Levi’s favorite place they have been is Texas and Noah’s favorite place is Arizona. They are both brave and confident kids.


"Holidays are about creating cherished memories with loved ones and finding magic in the simplest moments." 
- Jeremiah Say


by Claire G. (5)

As we enter the holiday season, let’s take a moment to reflect on the year we have had. Hopefully there were many good times. Maybe you got to spend time with family and friends; you might have gotten good grades; maybe you got to travel somewhere or try something new. Here at Harman we have enjoyed bike/walk to school day, the Veteran’s Day assembly, spirit days, the Fun Run, and a book fair. I hope we all look back at the year with joy in our hearts. My holiday wish is that joy will spread to everyone. 

When you reflect back at the year you have had, you might be thinking of some goals for the new year, like score at least one goal in soccer or basketball, or maybe some goals for school, like be more focused and listen more. I know my goals will surely help me in school, like do homework before playing with friends and help around the house without being told to. Your goals don’t have to be big; they can be something small like read at least two books in one month, or try something new – whatever it is, it doesn’t have to be big as long as it means something to you.  Happy Holidays!


by Julia F. (5)

Kwanzaa is a very important African American holiday in the month of December. It was created in 1960’s by Maulana Ron Karenga to restore African culture. He believed that this was a non-heroic holiday. 

This holiday goes on from December 26 to January 1. African Americans light one candle on each night of the seven days of Kwanzaa.  Kwanzaa can be celebrated for unity, creativity, faith, and giving gifts. The principles of Kwanzaa are, Umoja (Unity), Kujichagulia (self-determination), Ujima (Collective work and responsibility), Ujamaa (Cooperative economics), Nia (purpose), Kuumba (Creativity), And Imadi (Faith). There is one black candle, three red candles, and three green candles.

Learn more about Kwanzaa here, where I got my information!


Written by Ellen S. & Carly W. (4)
Illustrated by Mary F. (4)

Once upon a snowman, I mean time, there was a snowman named Bob. Bob was made by a little kid named Timmy.  Timmy loved Bob. By loved, I mean, LOVED. Timmy had loved Bob ever since Bob was just a little ball. Timmy played with Bob every day. Today, Timmy decided to show his rotten pizza collection to Bob. 
“Dinner time!  Also, I need to know where your dirty socks are so I can clean them” said his mom.
“Ok!” Timmy replied. Timmy rushed inside. Little did he know that would be the last time he would see Bob. 

drawing of child pointing at melting snowman and crying

When Timmy woke up, he realized he lost his favorite piece of rotten pizza. Timmy looked everywhere for his rotten pizza. But Timmy didn’t know that his rotten pizza had decomposed because of how rotten it was. He thought that there could be one more place his pizza could be – it could be by Bob. Timmy went outside to see . . . THE BLOB! 

“BOB MELTED!” screamed Timmy at the top of his lungs. His mom didn’t hear, so he screamed even louder. 
“BOB MELTED!!!” he screamed at the tippy top of his lungs. 
Timmy's mom saw him having a tantrum, and she knew that there was only one thing that would cheer him up…
“Timmy, I cleaned your dirty socks,” she said.
“Yay!!” Timmy rushed inside joyfully. 
Timmy ran around the house with his socks on his hands,  screaming “My socks, my socks!” 
After that day, Timmy forgot that Bob ever existed at all.

๐Ÿคช silly sports: GURNING ๐Ÿฅธ

by Charlotte M. (5)

Gurning is a sport founded in 1297 in the UK, the event annually takes place at the “Crab Fair”. Contestants try to make an ugly face while having a horseshoe around their neck. Though this may sound strange and might come as a surprise but, many people have found this unusual sport very fun. Last year the winner was Tommy Mattison who set a genius book world record for most wins in the men's category. This year’s winner was Tommy Mattison as well, beating his record of 18 straight wins. Here are some of the rules you must follow in this gruesome game:

man makes silly face

1. Makeup is banned from this contest but, you can wear fake teeth.
2. You can’t bribe the judges to pick you.
3. You must make your ugly face when the horse collar is around your neck.
4. Depending on your age or gender you have to go to your assigned groups.

As you can see from the picture below, many people (especially older people) can do this event. This event grows every year and changes or ideas are added such as the horsecollar around this participant's neck. Gurning through a horsecollar is called “gurnin' through a braffin.' This change was established over 700 years ago and still remains a part of the game. This shows and proves that gurning is an ancient and traditional game. In some places, gurning happens regularly and the Gurning Championships are held at the Egremont Crab Fair.  Now that you know about gurning you can try it at home with your friends or if you want to know more about the sport click here to learn more about it.

๐Ÿ—“ word of the month ๐Ÿ“–



          adjective;  (of a person or their behavior) cheerful and carefree
          She was super lighthearted when she got the Christmas gift she wanted for 3 years.

Similar words: jolly, lively, upbeat


by Soren F. (6)

The ancient galaxy AzTECC71 is far enough away that telescopes can not always pinpoint it. Recently, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has finally been able to take a picture of it (shown here).

blurry image of galaxy

This picture shows that early, dust-hidden galaxy. The image appears so blurry because the light lost some of the other wavelengths that it was originally traveling with due to dust and the long distance that it had to travel. Because it takes millions of years for light to travel from there to here, the image we see is made with the light that was transmitted from the galaxy only 900 million years after the Big Bang. That light finally arrived here, and was made into this image. (Our universe is currently 13.78 billion years old.) "The fact that even something that extreme is barely visible in the most sensitive imaging from our newest telescope is so exciting to me...It's potentially telling us there's a whole population of galaxies that have been hiding from us," says study author Jed McKinney.

These discoveries mean that there was a lot more dust in the universe almost 13.8 billion years ago than we previously thought. It was first seen by multiple telescopes around the world, but when Hubble tried to capture a picture, it vanished. The JWST revolutionized images of the cosmos, it  takes pictures of stars, nebulas, galaxies and other bodies of the cosmos that could never be seen before. It can see through dust and gas clouds that other telescopes can not. Scientists hope to capture many more early universe astral bodies with the JWST in the future, which they most likely will, with this new amazing machine.
Reference: Live Science


By Charlotte M. (5)
cover of book with children running under eiffel tower

This book was published on March 10, 2020. This book was written by James Ponti. The beginning of the book is written from the 1st person's point of view. Throughout the book, a group of ordinary kids is chosen for an elite and advanced organization, and as they learn more and more about each other, the better spies they become. The newest agent Sara Martinez is a hacker and could hack into any tech device such as her school’s and the state’s private documents to prove that her foster parents are cheaters and lawbreakers. Just as she starts to realize and accept the fact that her hacking skill isn’t helpful, Mother, the leader of the kid M16 agents, asks her to join them; she realizes she has a cool and very helpful spy skill. This book may be long but, if you love adventure plot twists and mystery books this just might become your favorite book of all time. I personally think this book is very interesting but can be confusing if you don’t read carefully you just might get lost. I would rate this book 4 ½/5.

๐Ÿ–ฅ๏ธ TECH TIPs OF THE MONTH ๐Ÿง‘๐Ÿฝ‍๐Ÿ’ป

by Charlie Z. (5)

Alt + Search = Turn Caps Lock On And Off
Esc + Reload + Power = Reboot Computer (Do Not Try You will get in trouble… Seriously!)
Ctrl + Shift + Reload = Rotate Screen


by Becker P. (5)
coral polyp

A coral colony consists of many hundreds of polyps: tiny little animals living in the coral structure they make (pictured at left). A polyp is a very small creature that looks like a fan of tentacles around a small mouth. It is anchored inside its little hole in the structure. The mouth of a polyp is like a tiny beak, and it has a long, tongue-like stinger that shoots out at small prey. Its stings the prey and sucks out Its nutrients, using it to gain energy and grow the whole colony by pooping it out! That’s right, coral is just polyp poop!

bleached coral

As global warming increases, so does coral bleaching. Coral bleaching is when corals turn white and die (pictured at right). The warming climate kills the colonies living in it, so it turns white as a rock. However, scientists are trying multiple different ways to help. They are freezing the coral to transport it to warmer areas, and even organizing coral colinizing expeditions! Coral is coming back!

To learn more, check out these articles on NewsELA!

๐Ÿคฃ Ellen and giuliana's jokes ๐Ÿคช

by Ellen S. & Giuliana F. (4)

1. To start the new year in a cool way.

2. Santa Pause.

3. He puts on his best spots!

4. Because the penguins kicked him out of the South Pole.


by Abby C. (5)
animals dressed in holiday attire

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๐Ÿฆƒ  NOVEMBER 2023 ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

๐Ÿค” "What's GOOD?" ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

A recurring monthly feature, submitted by various students and staff
  • Giuliana F. (4) made the Oakwood Jr. Jills basketball team!
  • Helena M. (5) had a great time at Starbucks with Allison U. (5)!
  • Julia F. (5) was happy to let a second grader help them put up the flag!
  • Towa S. (4) is happy because he knows 2 languages.
  • Mrs. Dunham (3) enjoys getting to spend time with her grandchildren.
  • Mr. Edwards (3) enjoyed his class's Halloween party!
  • Theo R. (5) said 4-square is going good for him.
  • Isaac G. (4) made the A team on Jacks basketball!
  • Anthony D. (4) likes his new soccer team!
  • Amelia S. (4)'s team won their last soccer game!
  • Gunnar G. (5)'s football team won their last game of the season and it was also a home game.

๐Ÿคฃ Ellen and giuliana's jokes: THANKSGIVING EDITION ๐Ÿคช

by Ellen S. & Giuliana F. (4)

1. Why did the turkey cross the road?

2. If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?

3. Where did they take the Mayflower when it was sick?

                                            ...Check out the answers at the end of this month's issue!

๐Ÿ‘ฉ‍๐Ÿ‘ง‍๐Ÿ‘ง MILITARY KIDS of the month ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

by Charlotte M. & Payton F. (5)

We interviewed new students (and sisters) Eleanor, Ebony, and Ivory C. to report on what it's like to be a military kid. The first questions we asked them was where their favorite place to live was and why. Both Ebony and Ivory confidently replied "Japan." Their older sister Eleanor instead said "Wyoming." Ebony said that she loved the cherry blossoms in Japan, however Ivory said she liked the culture. Eleanor said she liked her friends in Wyoming especially.

When asked what the pros and cons of being a military kid are, Ebony said she liked the cultures and new places but she disliked moving. Ivory said she liked the nice people she met, and also said she doesn't like moving. Eleanor also said she liked going to new places; she disliked moving away from her friends, just like her sisters. Then we asked them what's the coolest place you visited. Ebony said she liked Utah. Ivory said she enjoyed her time in Hawaii with her dad. Eleanor said she liked Japan's Disneyland.

Ebony and Ivory may be twins but they are very unique and have different personalities. Overall, these sisters have traveled to amazing places -- make sure to stop and chat with them!


"Everyone has inside them a piece of good news. The good news is you don't know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is." 
- Anne Frank


by Molly W. (5)

Observed on November 11, Veterans Day honors the Veterans who serve in the Armed Forces. Originally, Veterans Day was called Armistice Day because it celebrated those who had died in World War 1, but on June 1, 1954, they changed it to Veterans Day to celebrate all of the veterans in the U.S. who are retired or are still working.   

My grandpa, David Williams, wanted to join the Army because of his heritage and history. Most of the people in his family worked in the military, and he wanted to keep that going so he joined the Army. Serving over 22 years in the Army, he said he loved to travel. "I felt like it was an adventure," he said, though it was hard when he had to leave his family. He did some field work and had a field hospital, made some friends, and after they retired, they still had lunch together. His rank was Lieutenant Colonel. Like his dad, my dad wanted to be in the military and succeeded. 

I feel like being in the military is a part of my family history. If we weren't to do it anymore, it wouldn't be our family. It's like I wouldn't recognize us. I want to join the Coast Guard when I grow up, but I also want to be a zoologist. Either way, veterans are very special to us. They protect our homes and keep us safe. I hope that we still honor them in 100 years. 


by Artashes K., Thomas M., & Charlie P. (4)

When Charlie first came into the class with his new Crocs, everyone crowded around him. He bought the shoes to get laughed at. But what was unusual about these shoes? They were Shrek-themed Crocs.

Charlie said that the Shrek Crocs were almost sold out, but he luckily got them before they were sold out. It also took him 2 weeks to get the Crocs shipped. Shrek Crocs are the most sold Crocs in the world, and you can't buy them anywhere, except online!

In 2006, the Shrek Crocs came out: it was around the same time Shrek 3 came out. Even though the Shrek Crocs look silly, everyone loves them. It is the same as the movie Shrek: he didn't look nice but everyone loved him. And that's why everyone loves Charlie's Crocs.


by Claire G. & Sylvie K. (5)

Lena A. is a 4th grader in Mrs. Dow's class. Her favorite color is sea-foam green. She has moved from Japan. Her favorite subject is reading because she loves to read.

Lena wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. She loves to craft. Her favorite foods are donuts and cream puffs. She is great at writing comic books.

Whenever you see Lena, make sure to say hello!

silly sports: soapbox racing

by Charlotte M. & Payton F. (5)

The silly sport of the month is soapbox racing. Handcrafted vehicles are pushed down a hill and contestants have to navigate their vehicles through a course containing various obstacles. Not all contestants are engineers, so the vehicles are prone to crashes, toppling, or breaking apart for the entertainment of spectators.

Contestants are judged for their soapbox's creativity, a pre-race performance, and their race time. Therefore, speed is not everything and creativity plays a massive role. Contestants often design their vehicles based on themes from pop culture or history. Of course, the contestants dress up to look the part too. Soapbox racing is very interesting. 

Adapted from an article by Everett Munez found at

๐Ÿ—“ word of the month ๐Ÿ“–



          adjective;  deserving of respect or high regard.
          Veterans are honorable and valued members of society.

Similar words: distinguished, noble, reliable, righteous, trustworthy, celebrated


by Sylvie K.  and Claire G. (5)

Thanksgiving: a day of thanks where everybody has different traditions to celebrate. Here are some different traditions some teachers around Harman have.

  • Mrs. Coulter: "My brother and I snap the wish bone and see who gets the biggest piece."
  • Mrs. Moore: "I make cauliflower mash potatoes and regular mashed potatoes."
  • Mrs. Reymann: "I have a turkey that is made out of clay and it never ever hardened and it is part of my centerpiece. It's more than 20 years old."
  • Mrs. Stern: "We pick names for a white elephant, and do pranks with it."
  • Mr. Gowdy: "My sister does a turkey call."
  • Ms. Harrison: "We go to Mr. Gowdy's family and we make the same thing every year."
  • Mrs. Fry: "We are going to Orlando and going to a steak house."
  • Mrs. Mullen: "We watch the parade."
  • Mrs. Ford: "We do the Turkey Trot and online shopping!"
  • Mr. Wadham: "I get up early and run the Turkey Trot in Miamisburg with my little brother every year. This year will be our 10th trot! I always see Mrs. Teeters (and Mrs. Schumacher) there, too!"


By Giuliana F. & Macie H. (4)

Ava is a 4th grader in Mr. Holzberg's class. Ava's favorite subject is science because she loves to experiment. Ava moved because she is a military kid. Ava doesn't like being a military kid. She does not like the moving distance even though she doesn't move that much. Thankfully she has made lots of friends.

Ava likes Harman because "there are a lot of good people." For example, she likes to hang out with Ila H. and Clara A. Ava feels safer at Harman because she had an incident with a violent threat that happened at her old school. When this threat happened, her parents took her out of school for the last week. When you see Ava, tell her "Welcome to Harman!"

๐Ÿ“š BOOK RECOMMENDATION: Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban ๐Ÿ“–

By Charlotte M. & Payton F. (5)

Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts for his third year but many disastrous events occur, including a jet black dog that has been following him, or so he believes. On top of that, new term class problems have occurred such as a very superstitious Madame Trelawney who teaches Divination, or seeing the future. At school, strange rumors spread about infamous villain Sirius Black who is rumored to have escaped from wizard prison Azkaban.

This book is one our favorite Harry Potter books in the series. We like it because it's a mystery and it's exciting. A lot of plot twists and unexpected things that happen. We hope you enjoy this book as much as we do. 

๐Ÿ–ฅ๏ธ TECH TIP OF THE MONTH ๐Ÿง‘๐Ÿฝ‍๐Ÿ’ป

by Becker P. (5)

Useful shortcut for the month is:

Control+Shift + the button above the 6 = Screenshot

1๏ธโƒฃ GET TO KNOW THE 1st GRADERS ๐Ÿค—

by Carly W. & Louise O. (4)

1st graders love to meet new people and the nice teachers. And they love to do math, art, library, and P.E. and also love to play with their friends and meeting old friends in the past. We will enjoy watching the 1st graders grow up!

We want everyone to get to know them because they're new students and have never been to Harman.  Everyone wants friends, and it's really fun to have friends -- and if you have friends, you're not so lonely. We want them to know that we are fun, creative, and very kind and we care very much about them. 

The first graders had soft voices and were shy, so we kind of just took it easy on them when we were getting to know them. As we went on and on, their voices started to get louder and they got more comfortable. Remember, they're just little kids  -- keep trying!

๐Ÿคฃ Ellen and giuliana's jokes ๐Ÿคช

by Ellen S. & Giuliana F. (4)

1. He wanted people to think he was a chicken!

2. Pilgrims!

3. The nearest doc.


by Abby C. (5)

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๐ŸŽƒ  OCTOBER 2023 ๐Ÿ‘ป

๐Ÿค” "What's GOOD?" ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

A recurring monthly feature, submitted by various students and staff
  • Ava M.'s (6) soccer team went undefeated this year!
  • Raphael Z. (6) got a nice new golf putter!
  • Kass F. (5) had a great time a Oktoberfest!
  • Charlotte M.'s (5) grandpa's birthday is this month and they're going to go to a Bengals game!
  • Thomas M.'s (4) soccer team won their game!
  • Luca D. (6) won his soccer tournament!
  • Ellen S. (4)  made Dayton Ballet's Nutcracker!
  • Evey I. (6) is excited to watch her dad run a marathon and excited that she finished a 5544-piece Lego Diagon Alley set!
  • Maeve P. and Abby C.'s (5) soccer team was undefeated as well!
  • Elise G. (6) is excited to be learning how to play trumpet!
  • Mrs. Sorice had a great time at the OSU-Notre Dame game!

๐Ÿคฃ Ellen and giuliana's jokes ๐Ÿคช

by Ellen S. & Giuliana F. (4)

1. Where do baby ghosts go during the day?

2. Why did the Headless Horseman get a job?

3. Why didn't the ghost dance at the Halloween party?

4. What room does a ghost not need?

5. What can you catch from a vampire in winter?

6. What would be the national holiday for a nation of vampires?

7. What's a zombie's favorite cereal?

                                            ...Check out the answer at the end of this month's issue!


By Soren F. (6)

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently released a new malaria vaccine called Matrix-M. It is the second vaccine to be used to prevent malaria in children. It is as effective as the previously recommended treatment, but when tested as a seasonal vaccine, in places where malaria comes around every year, three doses cut the rate of symptomatic malaria by about 75%. An additional fourth dose of Matrix-M will carry on protection into the next malaria season. Matrix-M will only cost 2-4 US dollars to produce, making it very affordable. Plus, it can be manufactured in batches over 13 times larger than the previous vaccine. The Matrix-M vaccine will be released to some African countries mid-year next year. This vaccine is groundbreaking and a huge advance in saving children from malaria all around the globe. This discovery will surely lead to many lives saved and pave the way for more vaccines and treatments like this one, which will soon be saving lives every day, thanks to scientists pouring work into this at Oxford University.


By Becker P. (5)
two boys stand, smiling

When a younger student fell and cut her forehead open, fifth graders Elliot H. (at left) and Theodore R. (at right) had no hesitation to help. They rushed to her aid, pulling out towels and stopping the blood flow, but not before the blood was all around them on the blacktop. However, the two boys did not even flinch. They continued to apply pressure to the wound until help came. "I was the one who she tripped on, and I felt responsible," Theo said. "We often visit her older brother, Will," said Elliot, "so we knew her. Theo did most of it, but I did help a little." And they both did help a lot. They might just have saved her life in this act of kindness. 


"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."
- Kurt Cobain


By Charlotte E. (5)
girl stands, smiling

Right before school started on the last day in July, Maddie F. moved to Oakwood from California. Maddie is a military kid and they have to move a lot. Maddie has already moved four times and she is only in the fifth grade! Moving is hard and Maddie misses her friends from California but she likes having a fresh new start at a new school. Maddie has two dogs and three sisters! If you recognize Maddie, it is because she actually lived in Oakwood once before. If you ever see Maddie in school, make sure to say welcome back to Oakwood!


By Molly W. (5)

To all the new students: There will be a Halloween costume party in October. There are three rules: 1. No props. 2. No masks. 3 Don't wear costume that will scare the first graders. 


By Evey I. (6)

All Quidditch team tryouts were the week of 9/24! Results were posted in the House Google Classrooms and outside Mr. Wadham's office. It seems that over this month, Terra was mostly in first place. Aqua has been in a very close second. Sadly, Ventus, last year's champions, has been last for most of the year so far. Prefect applications were submitted to Mr. Wadham, and results were reported on October 5th during announcements. The prefect has a large responsibility to their house. They help the head of house lead the house, hopefully to victory! They also have to do an extra job to help the school; it will probably involve staying after school. The prefect also gets bonus things: head of the lunch line, and they can give or take points from other houses! 


By Soren F. (6)
boy, smiling

Ezra is a new 6th grade student from the Netherlands in Mrs. Stern's homeroom. He says "[When I moved here] I felt nervous but happy. I was happy because it was a new experience, I would live closer to my family, and it was an opportunity to make new friends. I was also excited to live in a new house." "[I was nervous because] it was a new school with new people; I had never lived in the United States before, and it was a new house." He describes his experience here so far as "Good, it's really exciting." He also says "It's fun living in such a close community; all your friends as so close by." Ezra has already made lots of friends and seems to be thriving in his community so far, and judging by his kind, empathetic and friendly personality, I am sure this will continue.

๐Ÿ—“ word of the month: OCTOBER (SPOOKY EDITION) ๐Ÿ“–


         /'hฤ“ bฤ“ 'jฤ“ bฤ“z/

          noun;  a state of nervous fear or anxiety.
          I got the heebie-jeebies when I saw him looking at me.

Similar words: butterflies, nerves, willies, jitters, shakes, creeps


By Charlotte M. (5)

Car curling was founded in Russia and is made up of 4 teams of 10. These teams push compact Oka cars toward giant curling markings painted on the ice. There was no engine power or brooms used. A driver steers the car and the 10 people give it a big push. Purpose: to stop inside the circle.

The inventor who invented car curling's name is Falina Kirkach. All engines and motors are removed from the car so it's lighter to move slickly and faster. Plus, you can't use any engine power to win the race. If you land exactly in the blue target circle, you will earn a lot of points and it will help boost your chances of winning. One of the toughest parts of the game is to have to push the car and the driver inside without any machinery. It is very difficult to do, but many teams have found tricks and strategies.

people push cars inside a circle for sport

If you are interested in learning more, check out the original source…


๐Ÿ–ฅ๏ธ TECH TIP OF THE MONTH ๐Ÿง‘๐Ÿฝ‍๐Ÿ’ป

Useful shortcuts for this month are:

Control+N = new window

Control+A = highlight all


By Charlotte M. (5)
three students stand, ready to fight

I have just finished reading The Marvellers Book 1 by Dhonielle Clayton. This book is about a curious 11-year-old girl named Ella Durand. As she is learning more about her family's history she is transferred to a new school in the Arcanum Training Institute. She is the first of her family to make it to the Institute. Ella finds it hard to fit in for some of the students and Marvellers don't trust her magic; they think it's "unnatural" and "bad." Along the way, she finds friends like Jason, a boy who loves magical creatures. Also, she finds enemies. She also grows very fond of her elixirs teacher, Masterji Thankor. But soon she discovers that not everything is what they seem. While she is at school, an infamous villain named the Ace of Anarchy escapes. With the help of her friends, Ella searches for the missing villain while trying to find out where her favorite teacher has gone off to. This book will have you on the edge of your seat as the story unfolds and you learn more and more about the characters. If you like adventurous mystery books, this book was made for you. The author does a really good job of keeping you reading all the way through every chapter. 


By Alyssa V. (4)
picture of computer game, a person on a bicycle

The game of the month is called Mountain Bike Racer (Math Games | Math Playground | Fun for Kids P.S. it's not on math games). It got 3 stars on Math Playground, a website for kids to find games. In Mountain Bike Racer, you earn points by riding through the mountains. When you lose, it'll say "tap to play again or press space." You can lose by running out of energy or resetting the game. My class thinks it's fun to play and watch. Johnny R. from my class was the first to look at the game and play it.


1. Day-scare!

2. He was trying to get ahead in life.

3. She had nobody to dance with!

4. A living room.

5. Frostbite.

6. Fangs-giving!

7. Rice Creepies!


by Abby C. (5)
various photos of young animals among harvest items

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๐Ÿ– SUMMER 2021 ๐Ÿ˜Ž



By Ruxandra P. (6)

Farewell to the school that planted the 
seed of ingenuity in my mind,

Farewell to the teachers I’ve known all my life,
Who helped me get better, as I tried and tried.

Farewell to those days when the sun decided to smile,
and recess was granted a whole other life.

Farewell to the library, the art room the gym,
And to all those other places where I learned to grow.

A million farewells wouldn’t suffice,
To capture these 6 years of delight.


  • "Try and enjoy your time here and do as much as possible. Otherwise you'll probably regret it later." Gabe S.
  • "You are never going to be perfect, but strive to be a great learner and person." -Katherine E.
  • "Whenever you're part of a team, whether it's for pick-up basketball or the Emperor's Exams, the key to winning is to sacrifice the 'me' for the 'we.'" - Bea D.
  • "Never do something on your Chromebook that your teacher would not like. They are always looking." - Michael W.
  • "Take the advice of teachers, even if you think that it is dumb and unnecessary." - Grant Z.
  • "Try not to gossip!" - Cam J.
  • "Have true friends that won't boss you around and make fun of you, even if they claim it's a 'joke', in return don't do that to other people." - Kait P.
  • "Remember to treat all races with respect and be kind to others." - Raymond P.
  • "Be brave and raise your hand." - Stella B.
  • "Whenever you get a project of an assignment that is due in more than a week, do it early so you will have more time to revise it and make it better." - Thomas N.
  • "Don't worry how someone sees you... just be the person you are!" - Francesca M. 
  • "People want to be your friend. They don't hate you. Try to get close with people and don't shut yourself out." - Georgia B.
  • "Don't worry about homework and just stay calm, and most of all try to get along with your teachers." - Brady T.
  • "Focus in class and you will thrive in school." - Landon K.
  • "It's always okay to make mistakes, but it is never ever okay to give up." - Karna R.
  • "Just because other people are doing something doesn't mean you should." - Sarah L. 
  • "Always appreciate everything your teachers and the school does for you because they do a whole lot for every single one of us." - Charlie H.
  • "The only way you can learn something is to make mistakes." - Isa D.
  • "Have faith in others because that could make a difference." - Niobe B.
  • "Don't be afraid to share your interests and ideas with others. Remember to be vulnerable when the time is right." - Bailee W.
  • "If you are consistently forgetting work, write a checklist for your locker and at home on your table or desk so that you know you have everything." - Tanner W.
  • "Remember the wise words of Sir Timothy: There is always a reason why people do what they do." - Daniel S.
  • "Don't be scared to try new things." - Jacob C.
  • "Don't try to be someone you aren't." - Sophia J.
  • "Be kind to others, even if you don't like them." - Lizzie S.
  • "Don't do bad things because eventually it will come back to bite you. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually." -Raymond P.
  • "Don't be afraid to share your feelings with a trusted adult." - Charlotte S.
  • "Play by the rules in Gaga, and play honestly." - Rocco F.
  • "Stand out. Be a first-rate version of yourself, not a second-rate version of someone else." - Carl F.
  • "Learn the difference between fun and disrespectful." - Ian H.

๐Ÿ’™ our best #siblingwishes for you โœŒ๏ธ

  • Michael W., we wish you luck in 7th grade and we'll miss you! - Andrew and Lydia
  • Jacob C., I'll miss you when you're gone! Love, Kitty
  • Paul A., Good luck in junior high! I hope Chick-Fil-A is as good as it sounds! Your brother, Isaac
  • Congratulations, Rocco F.! You're going to junior high -- I'm really glad for you, and I hope you have fun there! From Luca
  • Lance W., I hope you have a good time at your  school.I will miss you and I love you. Love, Molly
  • Congratulations, Owen G.! You have been working so hard especially in your Emperor’s Exams and I know you had a lot of homework and you are really stressed but soon the summer is gonna happen and you are gonna have so much fun. Sincerely, Elise
  • Sarah L., next year you’re gonna be in 7th grade and I’m wondering if you could be just like Anna cause you’re always like Anna. And you make everyone happy in our family. You calm down immediately and make that person happy. I hope your ankle heals. Your hopeful Lily
  • Hi Landon K., this is Vivi. I love you. You have a good time at Junior High. Love, Vivi
  • Dear Ella C., I hope you had a good time at Harman. Your brother, Will 
  • Brady T., I hope you have a good day in 7th grade! From Tyler
  • Good luck, Alana E.! Love, Auggie
  • Hi Ruxandra P.! I really hope that when you get in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade it will be good. Love, Nathaniel
  • Dear Georgia B., I hope your 6th grade graduation goes well! Love, Abigail
  • Coleman O., I hope you do well in 7th grade, and make new friends! Your sister Annabelle
  • Dear Daniel S., I am so proud of you! You made it! This is such a big moment for you and I will be there cheering you on. From your sister Kate
  • Grey S., good luck in 7th grade! Love, Quinn
  • Dear Bella C., you’re really amazing. I am glad to have you as my sister because you are always there for me. Love, Addy
  • Raymond P., you’ve been an amazing brother and I love you. Love, Nora
  • Winston Z., I hope you do well in math! Raphael
  • Carl F., Good luck in 7th grade! Soren
  • Dear Miriam S., good luck in junior high and great job! Congratulations! Harvey
  • Dear Isa D., I hope you have fun in junior high. I like being in the same school as you -- I’ll miss you when you go to 7th grade. Love, your brother Luca
  • Hi Stella B.! I’m going to miss you while you’re in 7th grade. Hopefully you are good without me and I love you so much. Love, Drew
  • Good luck in the new school, Thomas N.! Your brother, Patrick
  • Jackson K., Have fun in 7th grade! From Ben
  • Brooklyn S., hopefully you do good in 7th grade! Good luck! Your brother Brayden

๐Ÿ“ƒ we will to you... ๐Ÿ“

  • I, Anabelle E., will to my younger brother Noah (4) a future of paying attention in class -- I had to learn the hard way. 
  • I, Bea D., will to my little brother Charlie (2) good luck in silent ball in 4th grade and in the Emperor's Exams in 6th.
  • I, Miriam S., will to Harvey (3) a good fourth grade year!
  • I, Isa D., will to Luca (3) the drive to never give up, even when it gets hard. Good luck!
  • I, Will R., will to all the Wills in the school the knowledge that they have the best name in the school and nobody can deny that.
  • I, Charlotte F., will to Grant (5) perseverance through the Emperor's Exams.
  • I, Owen G., will to my little sister Elise (2) reasons to make me proud. Make sure you do well in school, don't go to the principal's office, and do well in P.E... continue my legacy... if I even have one. ;)
  • I, Coleman O., will to my little sister Annabelle (5) the ability to make friends.
  • I, Carson W., will to Henry and Sam (5) the ability to always be open to making lots of friends because they will always be there for you when you need them.
  • I, Elliot S., will to Harrison (4) to not get into any fights.
  • I, Ella C., will to Lucy (4) to greet every teacher that walks past you and to keep on smiling! I also will to you to stay close to friends you trust, and when drama comes your way, help your friends. Stay creative!

๐Ÿ’™ sixth GRADE SUPERSTARS โœŒ๏ธ

By Kate S., Rita S., & Meryl W. (5)

This year has been hard for us all. That is something that we can all agree on. But the sixth-graders have made it easier on everyone, setting a good example.  We have interviewed Isa Dunlap and Katherine Erwin to prove our point.  We asked them the following questions.

Q+A for Katherine Erwin

Q: How do you feel you left your mark on the school?
A: You can only leave a mark by being kind.  You can also leave a mark by doing art. We have left our mark in the art room because our art is in there.  It is so gratifying to see all of the good work and changes, and I think it is really special that we have all gone through that together.

Q: How do you feel sixth graders left a good example?
A: When I was younger I thought sixth graders were giants. Sixth graders have more power to help people.  So I am glad that I can help people.

Q+A for Isa Dunlap

Q: How do you feel you left your mark on the school?
A: Being in the student council is a way that we can leave our mark on the school.  Again our art leaves our mark on the school.  We love taking our art to Saint Vincent's where it makes people smile.  

Q: How do you feel sixth graders left a good example?
A: Sixth graders in the past did Dharma Day.  The different groups in Dharma Day helped the school in different ways.  One group helped students.  This year we didn’t get to do Dharma Day.  But we still left our mark by not doing bad things and setting a good example for younger students.

In conclusion, the sixth-graders have been a big help to us all this year. So thank you to all those sixth graders who are helping us all!

Note: This is not exactly what the sixth graders said, but it is a close replica.


"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."
- Walt Disney

Thank you for reading The Good News!  We hope you join us next year!

โ˜€๏ธ Have a great summer! โ˜€๏ธ

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๐Ÿ’  MAY 2021 ๐ŸŒณ


๐Ÿค” "What's GOOD?" ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

A recurring monthly feature, submitted by various students and staff
  • Gillian H. (3) won her state gymnastics meet!
  • Charlotte V. (5) is excited to celebrate her dog’s birthday, coming soon!
  • Ruby B. (1) is excited about summer camp in Louisville, KY.
  • Ana D. (3) and her mother found some old cameras in the basement, and they actually work!
  • Mary D. (4) and her volleyball team won their tournament!
  • Kalia L. (1) is excited that her cousins moved into her house with her!
  • Theo R. (2) just took his first communion and got to see his grandparents!
  • Toby R. (1) is excited that his cousin’s birthday is coming!
  • Vivian K. (1) got an award for best team player in her cheer squad!
  • Kait P. (6) is excited the Emperor’s Exams have started.
  • The 3rd grade DI team “Community Service Cooks” (Luca D., Emmett W., Claire M., and James C. ) won 4th in state and will be entering Globals!
  • Carl (6) and Soren F. (3) are getting a new 8-week old puppy named Pretzel. He is a Bernese Mountain Dog, which are supposed to be up to 120 pounds!!! He is so cute and FLUFFY!!! 
  • Soren F. (3)’s baseball team is currently undefeated!
  • Ella (6), Lucy (4), and Will (1) C.’s aunt is having twins in September!
  • Andrew Z. (5) is happy his mom got vaccinated.
  • Ila H. (1) made chocolate chip cookies for her dad for his birthday.
  • Jack K. (1) got an amethyst crystal at Boonshoft and it is really cool.
  • Madeline M. (5) won her soccer game!
  • Isa D. (6) is excited about her upcoming birthday!

๐Ÿคฃ jacob's joke junction: RIDDLE EDITION ๐Ÿคช

by Jacob D. (3)

Two fathers and 2 sons spent the day fishing but only caught 3 fish. This was enough for each of them to have one fish. How is this possible? 

                                            ...Check out the answer at the end of this month's issue!


By Charlotte F.  & Isa D. (6)

Memorial day is here! This month, specifically May 31, we are celebrating men and women who proudly served in the U.S military and died in action. This may seem like a sad holiday to celebrate but actually, we are honoring the pride, duty, and commitment our soldiers took to protect our country. This holiday was initially called “Decoration Day” which originated from the Civil Holiday in 1771. After the Civil War ended in 1865, there were more than any U.S civilians who died which caused many national ceremonies. Multiple American residents also started holding many tributes and decorated fallen soldiers’ graves with flowers, and American flags. Historians don’t quite know what exact place Memorial Day originated but some records show that Charleston, South Carolina showed the earliest commemorations in 1865. But, in 1966 the federal government claimed that Waterloo, New York was the official birthplace of Memorial Day. Memorial Day celebrations include placing flowers on the graves of soldiers, reciting prayers, wearing red poppies, and participating in parades. On the first Decoration Day, General James Garfield made a speech at Arlington National Cemetery, as 5,000 participants decorated the graves of the 20,000 Civil War soldiers buried there. By 1890 every state had made Decoration Day an official state holiday.

This holiday is very special to the American culture, and celebrates those who sacrificed themselves for our country. So, make sure you thank those who are currently serving in the military, and veterans, who had served in the past.  



"Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it."
- Albert Schweitzer


By Bea D.  & Kait P. (6)
logo for Emperor's Exams - two dragons coming out of waves, around a sign that says "academics, actions, analyses, and arts"

Believe it or not, the school year is almost over which means it is time for the Emperor’s Exams! The Emperor's Exams are a series of challenges or exams if you will in which the whole sixth grade gets to compete in. 

๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ Teams: There are twelve teams that represent cities all throughout Ancient China. Those cities are Anyan,Beijing, Chengdu, Datong, Guilin, Hangzhou, Luoyang, Nanjing, Qufu, Xi’an, Yangzhou, and Zhangzhou. Depending on how big your grade is you will have 6 or 7 teammates on a team and one of those is a captain. 

The Exam has 4 categories: 

  •  โœ๏ธ Academics: is based on your knowledge of Ancient China. You are asked to compete in several academic competitions as you make your way through the unit of Ancient China. academics also include your note taking skills, and your attention to detail.
  • โœŠ๐Ÿฝ Actions: also known as behavior. That means walking on the right hand side of the hall, making wide left turns, no talking in the hall, and keeping your hands to yourself. This also includes, raising your hand, not interrupting, and whatever other rules Kongfleckzi (Mr. Fleck) sets.  
  • ๐Ÿค” Analyses: which is all about critical and outside-the-box thinking.
  • ๐ŸŽจ Arts: is based off of your effort and detail that you put into your artwork with notes and other Exams. For example if you were learning about the importance of mitochondria (it’s a science thing), draw and label a cell and point to the mitochondria.

One last thing: The last thing is that you win a medal. That’s right, Mr. Fleck always gives out medals if you finish in the top three. And yes, they are custom made. Along with the medals, you have the honor to work for the Emperor if you make it to the top three, but be ready to put in the work.


By Andrew Z. (5)

In Chile, Chilean paleontologists announced Monday the discovery of a new species of giant dinosaurs called Arackar licanantay. The dinosaur belongs to the titanosaur dinosaur family tree but is unique in the world due to features on its dorsal vertebrae. Stay safe and spread goodness!


By Carl F. (6)
boy holding puppy

On April 23, 2021, an insanely cute puppy arrives at Harman School. Girls form a stampede to get toward the said “Pretzel.” Spectators flee the oncoming wave of girls. One spectator, Kate “Mom” Furmanski, barely makes it away from the horrifying scene. Others drop purses and packs fleeing the scene. “I was scared out of my britches,” said a witness who wishes to be left unnamed: “When the stampede came, I ran for my life. A box of Life [cereal] flashed before my eyes.” Some other watchers of the flock of rampaging girls just plain fainted! I, reporter Carl “Supa-awesome dude” Furmanski, was one of the witnesses. What I saw I shall never forget. The girls streamed toward the Puppy, who reared with anticipation (or excitement… it’s hard to tell). As the girls enveloped him, I decided that sticking around would not benefit the story as much as I previously thought. I ran for my life. “I thought I was gonna die,” said another anonymous eyewitness, “I just ran until I couldn’t.” Though the outcome of this story is still unknown, one thing is for sure: this terrifying event will have witnesses’ minds scarred for years. 

๐Ÿ—“ word of the month ๐Ÿ“–


         /'joo bษ™ lษ™nt/

          adjective;  feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph.
          Topaz was feeling rather jubilant due to their many accomplishments this year.

Similar words: elated, euphoric, overjoyed, triumphant


By Bea D. (6)

Fact File:

  • How many people do you need to play with: 12-20
  • Who invented it: Alan Balck
  • When was it invented: 1954


  • The game consists of two 10 minute halves. The players are only allowed to block the puck with their stick. Failure to do so might result in a penalty. A dangerous pass that might hit one’s head, could result in expulsion from the game. 


  • To play this game, you need: Fins, A diving mask, a swim cap, a mouth guard, a puck, and a pusher (A mini hockey stick). You also need access to a pool or body of water. 


  • The men’s national champs: Turkey
  • The women’s national champs: New Zealand
  • The next World Underwater Hockey championship is in... July!
woman playing hockey underwater

If you are more interested…

โšพ๏ธ Play ball! ๐ŸฅŽ

By Theo R. (2)

I started to play baseball. I had my first game a month ago. I do not know how many wins or loses we have. I want to play for fun. I have missed some games but I love to play. I love to play catcher because I get to have the ball. I am sad I did not get to play last year because of Covid. It is fun to play with all my friends at baseball.


By Lilith D. (5)

I've recently read I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai. This is a biography about Malala Yousafzai who lives in Pakistan and is a young tween and early teen most of the story. She loves school more than everything in the world and wants to become a doctor. Her father owns her school for girls and she has an older and a younger brother. Certain traditions and laws say that only boys are allowed to get educated. Only boys are allowed to get a job. All girls are allowed to do is cook, clean, get married and have children. Malala and her father thought differently. They thought that women had the same rights as men. So as an eleven-year-old, Malala was speaking out against these changes. All she wanted was to go to school. War started happening in her town she was in danger when speaking out but she was "afraid of no one." Schools were getting bombed to show they didn't want women to be educated. It was sad and dangerous. But all Malala wanted was to go to school. Malala was involved in a terrible accident at the age of thirteen. She was rushed to the hospital in Birmingham, England. At first she couldn't hear, speak and move her left hand. When she recovered she got awards for all she did and she still fought for the rights for education for boys and girls, but mostly girls. 

So after I read the book I thought about my town, my school. Some kids thought it was torture to go to school, but they had no choice they had to go. Then all the way in Pakistan they loved to go to school but they were forced not to. Why are we so different kids in the United States hate school when others are suffering to even walk into the school building. I think we could change and stop hating school but start loving it and helping those in Pakistan and everyone around the world that does want to go to school because they should. That's all I ask. 


By Ella C. (6)

I love going to Harman school! Everyone that goes there whether it is the kids or staff, are always so kind. I love all of the fun and creative activities that the teachers come up with. Every day after school when my Mom or Dad picks us up we have 20 minutes to talk about our school day non internally. I love that the first graders hatch chicks it is such an amazing experience and my brother can't go a day without talking without talking about it. And in 6th grade the Emperor's exams just started and I love it! I love how creative all of my 6th grade teachers are and how they all come up with such great ideas. Sometimes I feel like us 6th graders don't show it that well, but we all appreciate your effort. Trust me, my friends and I talk about it all of the time. Shout out to  all of the teachers at Harman school!

โ˜„๏ธ HOPE STAR: part THREE โœจ

A three-part creative writing piece and art by Ruxandra P. (6)

And so it began, the trip that would determine if the girl had made a foolish choice, or if the girl would save the lonely and cold planet. It was hard to tell, but for now, the girl had a treacherous journey ahead of her, filled with oceans and seas to cross, and deserts and mountains to climb. The path the old man had told her about, took her through all sorts of ecosystems, and although it was tough going, the girl saw many incredible sights.

When she finally made it to the town, she was as tired and weary as the old man had been when she first saw him. The town didn’t look any better, with buildings and people lying broken across the streets. With the little food and water she had left, the girl shared it to the villagers. They thanked her, and when she told them her goal, the villagers decided to help her. One by one, people came up to her and gave her tools and supplies she would need to climb the mountain and defeat the glowing monster. A blacksmith gave her a steel sword, a farmer gave her his best horse, and the cook of the town gave her the last bits of food left in her kitchen. The girl was overjoyed, and filled with new potential, yet now she had more pressure to find the star piece, after all the villagers had done for her. The villagers directed her to the mountain where the monster and star piece lay, warning her at the same time. 

As the girl trudged up the steep slippery sides of the mountain, she heard the monster’s cries. The sound was true to the old man’s description, like a knife piercing her heart, but the girl kept going, kept trying, for she had already gone so far. When she finally reached the top, the wails of the monster were so strong, it was all she could do to not rip her ears out. The summit of the mountain had a cave on it, where the sounds were coming from, so in that direction the girl headed. A small stream of salty water trickled besides her, stinging the cuts on her feet. Soon, she saw a bright blue glow up ahead, and as the cries of the glowing monster grew louder, the girl drew her sword, preparing herself for the fight. Yet as she entered a larger cave, she saw no monster, no sharp teeth, no claws, no ferocious roars, instead the girl saw a little star in the center of the cave. It was the source of the blue light, and the poor star was crying, creating the stream the girl saw earlier. The star was also the one making the horrific noise, astonishing since it was no bigger than the girl’s palm. 

The star in the cave was the same star that would save the planet, and the girl knew just what to do. First, she comforted the little thing, and the star stopped crying. The girl rushed outside, where the daylight from before had turned into a cold night. She held the star up high, and threw it into the sky. A bright light exploded before the girl’s eyes as the star placed itself back where it belonged, above the planet. The villagers looked up in awe, and a new warm feeling covered the whole planet. It was the feeling of victory and peace, determination and passion, and the planet was saved. 

๐Ÿคฃ jacob's joke junction: RIDDLE EDITION ANSWER... ๐Ÿคช

There were only 3 people fishing. There was one father, his son, and his son's son. This means there were 2 fathers and 2 sons since one of them is a father and a son!

If you would like to share some of your own Good News for our next issue, click here to submit!

Logo for school newspaper; The Good News. Title in center, three thumbs ups appear from each side pointing toward center.

๐ŸŒง  APRIL 2021 ๐Ÿฐ


๐Ÿค” "What's GOOD?" ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

A recurring monthly feature, submitted by various students and staff
  • Niobe B. (6) is happy that her Grandpa is vaccinated!
  • Claire F. (6) is very excited to start softball!
  • Landon K. (6) is excited about his half birthday on Saturday!
  • Charlotte F. (6) is excited for her upcoming Spring Break trip to Asheville, North Carolina!
  • Lucy C. (4) went to a foot appointment to check up on her injury from last year, and she is doing great and everything looks good!
  • Lance W. (6) is happy that the workers are fixing the house his family moved into!
  • Ava M. (3) got a new dog!
  • Paul A. (6) had fun playing a solo in his orchestra concert!
  • Bea D. (6) won her soccer tournament!
  • The Community Service Cooks D.I. team won first place in Regionals, and is now going to State competition!
  • Luca D. (3) was excited to try indoor skydiving over Spring Break!

๐Ÿคฃ jacob's joke junction ๐Ÿคช

by Jacob D. (3)

1. Why didn't the skeleton cross the road? 

2. Why shouldn't you trust stairs?

3. What has hands and a face, but can't smile or hold anything?

                                            ...Check out the answers at the end of this month's issue!


By Amelia B. and Kiera L. (6)
a cartoon Earth hugs itself with its own arms

Earth Day! Earth Day isn’t just celebrating our beautiful planet, it’s also about providing people with the knowledge and the tools to help our world and make an impact. Today, over 1 billion people are engaged in Earth day each year and over 190 countries are involved. But how did Earth day grow? And where did it begin?

Let’s go back to 1969, when Senator Gaylord Nelson, a junior senator from Wisconsin had the idea for Earth Day. He had been concerned about the changing climate and decided to do something about it. He got tons of support and the first Earth Day took place in 1970! After that, the US created the United States Environmental Protection Agency and passed many environmental protection laws like the National Environmental Education Act,  the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and the Clean Air Act. Two years later, the Clean Water Act was passed, and a year after that, the Endangered Species Act and soon after the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act was also passed. 

So, what can I expect from Earth Day? Well, all over the world on April 22 you will see people celebrating Earth Day! All around the world there are many celebrations. In Tokyo, Earth Day is celebrated in 2 days in Yoyogi park! Visitors can learn about the environment and many different vegetarian foods are available! In London, there is a huge Earth Day celebration! At least 7 bands are scheduled to perform at The Hive and other activities will also be available! Throughout the world so many activities are available and you can see people holding vegan food stands, parades, charities, and so much more! Happy Earth Day!

Photo from:


By Kait P. (6)
The Timber Challenge

Many of you from last year know about the Timber Challenge but, if you are new or didn’t know about it don’t worry. Mr. Wadham, our school counselor and creator of the Timber Challenge describes the Timber challenge as “a school-wide game built to emphasize and elaborate on Timber lessons... with lots of fun and prizes.” Some prizes will be similar to last year’s, he goes on, but some will be new and different. He lists some such as Squishmallows, Hydro Flasks, Mr. Wadham teaches your class, and many others. You may be thinking, “How do I get to win all these prizes?” Well, the rules of the game are simple: complete challenges to earn points and the person with the most points in the end wins. 

Timber Challenge Prizes

Last year, the challenges varied from doing tasks around the house such as doing the dishes, cleaning your room, vacuuming, dusting, or sweeping the house, and even just having a family board game night. There were also challenges to show appreciation to teachers at school by thanking them every day after school for a week or sending emails to them asking them how they are doing and checking in on them. The structure of this year's challenge will be very similar to last year’s with a few twists and turns he isn’t ready to share yet or else it will “spoil the surprise.” However, one major difference this year, he shared, will be the theme. Last year's theme for Timber was service and care and with the intent of him creating the Timber Challenge to “do something that helped emphasize the points of Timber and to give extra learning opportunities to the students,” it was the theme for the Timber Challenge. So, with this year's theme being connection, that will be the theme of the Timber Challenge. He intends it to be bigger and better than last year's challenge, though, because since we are in person it will provide more opportunities to do challenges together. He was not surprised with the outcome of last year's challenge with all the effort that the students put into it because “Harman students tend to go for the gold.” 

Mr. Wadham has high hopes for everyone and hopes you all compete. Also, make sure you check out the bulletin board by the library for a daily countdown and any new updates you’ll want to know. Check out this video to learn about the experiences and other things from past contenders: The Timber Challenge 2.0


By Elizabeth C. (4)
boy smiles

Hello, Harman students and teachers! We have a new student: Landon F.! I’m going to tell you some facts about him! He actually lived in Oakwood a long time ago. Part of his family lives here, and he’s thrilled to see them.  He really likes living in Oakwood and he’s happy about his new teacher, Mrs. Dunham. Now for his favorite food, movie characters, and his favorite vacation place. His favorite food is burritos with all beans inside. His favorite movie is “Dora and the Lost City of Gold.” His most favorite characters are Dora and Boots from his favorite movie. He said that he loves snowboarding in Colorado, which I think is super cool! His biggest accomplishment is paying for his mountain bike and getting his new leopard gecko with his own money. And last but not least his favorite subject(s) in school. He said he likes P.E. and Math. Anyway, that was some brilliant facts about Landon! That’s all from me Harman, have a fantastic day!


 “Try to be a rainbow in someone else's cloud.”
- Maya Angelou


By Charlotte F. (6)

Ayanna W. is a third-grade student at Harman with big ideas for making Harman a more diverse, equitable, and caring place! Ayanna recently became the president of the Adopted Kids Club and has ideas about starting a new club called “The Club for All.”

girl smiles in front of colorful background

Ayanna recently became the president of the Adopted Kids Club and cherishes the position a lot. Ayanna said, “When I went to the Zoom meeting I was the only one who showed up and Mr. Wadham decided that I should be the Adopted Kids Club president because he thinks I can make a lot of good changes.” She also says she is very honored to be given this role. She thinks the members could bring crayons and paper to draw their family and hang the artwork up around the school. Ayanna also thinks the members could start reading books about kids who were adopted and talk about their feelings. Ayanna’s thoughts: everyone should be treated fairly even if you were adopted, and everyone should be treated the same. Adopted children should feel a sense of belonging anywhere, and not feel left out by not living with biological parents. Also having non-biological parents does not identify who you are, but it is an important trait that you have to embrace!

Ayanna also has thoughts about creating a new club called “The Club For All,” which is centered around diversity and racial justice. Ayanna hopes this is a place where anyone can go to feel a sense of belonging no matter their background, nationality, race, etc. She thinks the members can bring crayons and paper to draw their differences, so everyone can embrace their own differences together. While Ayanna is still finalizing the details, this club is something everyone can look forward to! 

Ayanna’s main message she wants to get out to the school is that “everybody is different, and everybody is different in a good way.” I think this is a wonderful message/reminder for the school because sometimes we can get carried away and ignore differences when they should be embraced! 

๐Ÿ—“ word of the month ๐Ÿ“–


         \ หˆfศฏr-tษ™-หŒtüd \

          noun;  strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage.
          "It takes fortitude to handle a crisis as well as they did."

Similar words: bravery, endurance, moxie, pluck, grit, nerve


By Isa D. (6)

Harman has started some exciting new clubs like the Adopted Kids Club and The KINDling Club. Another club, one by the name of The Green Thumbs has also begun. Laney R., a third-grader at Harman said that the Green Thumbs is all about helping the environment. Laney is a great fit for this club because, in her free time, she picks up trash at Elizabeth Gardens. Laney would like to ask those in charge of Elizabeth Gardens if they could put in trash cans so more people will put their trash away. Laney says that the Green Thumbs Club is special to her because she likes making things cleaner and helping the environment. The Green Thumbs would like to plant new flowers around the school and ask Mrs. Patterson if the school can also recycle plastic as opposed to just paper. At one of their meetings, Mr. Forney, Mr. Destefano, and Mrs. Sorice were helping the members pick out seeds for their own home gardens.

 If you would like to join the Green Thumbs, enter the code pddyxkj at The Green Thumbs meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month after school. More information is on the Google Classroom.


by Kiera L. (6)
book cover of Wonder by RJ Palacio

Summary: Wonder is the story of August Pullman, a 10-year-old boy who has a facial deformity. When his parents decide that it is time for Auggie to start going to school instead of being homeschooled, he faces challenges at school that test him -- and his friendships. 

Review: This heartfelt novel is filled with courage and understanding, showing us that kindness is always an option, even if we have to step out of our comfort zone for it. Wonder is an amazing book, and I definitely recommend it to anyone!  

Rating: โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ 5/5 stars


by Bea D. (6)

What is it?

  • Cheese Rolling is a sport where people go rolling down a hill, chasing after a roll of cheese.

Fact File:

  • How many people do you need to play? 10-50
  • Who invented it? The Ancient Romans
  • When was it invented? 27 BC – 476 AD (the time of the Roman Empire)
  • Which countries compete? Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal
  • When is it played? Spring Bank Holiday (celebrated in England)


  • It’s pretty simple. A 9 pound round of cheese is rolled down a hill. People roll down the hill in pursuit of the cheese. The first to cross the finish line wins. The winner gets the cheese!


  • Race 1: Max McDougall
  • Race 2: Ryan Fairley
  • Race 3: Flo Early
  • Race 4: Mark Kitt
  • Race 5: Trent Unsworth
people participating in a cheese rolling competition

If you are more interested…..

โ˜„๏ธ HOPE STAR: part two โœจ

A three-part creative writing piece and art by Ruxandra P. (6)

As the crack grew, the star’s patience withered, and the golden rain wasn’t as effective as before. The humans began to explore more by themselves, searching for solutions and antidotes. 

One day, a horrible plague devastated humans, killing millions. They begged the star to help them, anything so they wouldn’t have to suffer, but the star couldn’t deal with such a request. All of its light had been put out, and cracks now covered the star like a spiderweb. It was so fragile, so weak and powerless, that the questions and agony from life on the planet caused the star to finally break. Its core shattered, and pieces of light and hope were damaged, scattered all over.

Everything came down. Buildings fell. Fires rampaged through the streets. People were crushed and smashed. Darkness enveloped the planet, so thick not even the sun could penetrate through it. Nobody knew what to do. 

As the years passed, life on the planet grew torturesome, everyone trying to survive with the little provisions left. Although hidden underneath all of the misery and chaos, sadness and anger, lay a small segment of hope and happiness, waiting to be discovered.

Centuries after the downfall of the star, humans still managed to live on the planet, although it was certainly much more difficult than before. They were running out of supplies, and it was getting harder and harder to grow and catch food. All the animals had fled to places unknown to the humans, and plants hunkered down into withering strips of dull green. The sun gave up trying to help the planet long ago, which stood miserably in a now lonelier part of the solar system. Everything from before had been ruined, and wild storms of agony, coming from deep within the planet’s core, shook the ground, destroying any new progress. It was a time of sadness, everyone wondering when they will be saved.

In a little village that was struggling to stand, there lived a girl. She worked hard to earn food, but given the circumstances, she never got much. The girl worked for a merchant at the market in the center of town. There it was the girl’s job to sweep the floors and clean the shelves. While doing the chores, the girl would sometimes hear stories from the customers that would come to the shop. These were the highlights of her time at the market.

One day, the girl was rearranging some jars filled with various knickknacks, when she heard the gasp of a weary customer barge into the shop. She turned around to see an old man in ragged clothes, pleading for food and water. At the sound of the noise, the merchant came, and with a sigh, sent the girl to fetch some bread and water. The girl did as told, and while she was gathering the items, she listened to the old man’s story. 

According to what she heard, the old man had traveled from distant land far away from where he was now. He said his village had been devastated by an earthquake that felled the town in which he had lived. The people believed the earthquake had been caused by a glowing monster that would roar so hard that it shook the nearby mountains. The monster lived on the tallest mountain in the range that surrounded the old man’s village. The people said that it guarded a piece of the star that took care of their planet and that the piece would save it. They were all rumors though, but the man said he had tried to go and find the star piece anyway, only to run back at the sound of wailing coming from the tall mountain towering above the forsaken village. He said that the sound was so sad and lonely, he couldn’t bear to go any further. The journey had devastated the frightened man, but there had been no more food in his town, so he had gone from house to house, searching for something to eat, only to be turned back down.  

The girl came back with the bread and water, which the man then scarfed down immediately. She then proclaimed that she would go and find the star piece and save life on the planet. The merchant scoffed at this, but the old man believed in her and gave her directions to go to the mountain where people thought the monster lay. The girl nodded, and ran back to her broken home, gathered all of her food and supplies that she had, and headed out to begin her long journey.

a sketch of a person climbing fiery mountains reaching for a star be concluded in our May issue...

๐Ÿคฃ jacob's joke junction ANSWERS... ๐Ÿคช

1. ...because he didn't have the guts!

2. ...because they are always up to something!

3. ...a clock.

If you would like to share some of your own Good News for our next issue, click here to submit!

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๐Ÿ€ MARCH 2021 ๐ŸŒˆ


๐Ÿค” "What's GOOD?" ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

A recurring monthly feature, submitted by various students and staff
4th grade girls pose with trophies after winning basketball tournament
  • Luca D. (3) is excited about his upcoming birthday!
  • Bea D. (6) got her braces off!
  • Elliott S. (4) is excited to get donuts with her family for a very special and amazing reason!
  • Trevor R. (5) got a new dog, Trudy!
  • Gabe K. (2)'s family is having another baby!
  • Thulasi M. (2)'s family is having another baby too, due this summer!
  • Gwendolyn M. (2)'s aunt and uncle are having a baby -- which will bring her total cousin count to 14!
  • Andrew W. (4) won his basketball tournament with BNU Basketball.
  • Noah W. (2) was excited to get to celebrate his grandpa's birthday with him!
  • Charlotte D., Violet S., Morgan E., Aubrielle C., Joanie A., Lydia W., & Lily P. (4) won their basketball championship and tournament! (pictured at R: photo credit Jill McQuade)

๐Ÿคฃ jacob's joke junction ๐Ÿคช

by Jacob D. (3)

1. How do you make an octopus laugh? 

2. What's green and can fly?

3. Where do vampires keep their money?

                                            ...Check out the answers at the end of this month's issue!


by Isa D. and Charlotte F. (6)

On Friday, March 12, the second graders will be participating in the Wax Museum! The Wax Museum is a great way for second-grade students to learn about famous people throughout history. The students will dress up as their chosen person, and present a few facts about them. A student in Mrs. Coulter’s class said that they will “find their outfits from closets,” and other online resources. With the help of Mrs. Ford, who organized virtual libraries and provided books, the students also researched their chosen person by using websites like, and others. Part of the Wax Museum is to make a presentation about their famous person, which includes their name, the date, the year they were born, and three interesting facts about them. Here is a sneak peek at some of the facts Mrs. Coulter's (P.M.) class put together:

  • Anne Frank’s diary was published in over 65 different languages.
  • Sally Ride married an astronaut Steve Hawley.
  • Alexander Hamilton was an orphan when his mother died when he was 11 years old.
  • Misty Copeland wrote two books, one of them was called ‘Firebird.’
  • Neil Armstrong tested the highest flying rocket plane that flew 40 miles in the air.
  • Annie Oakley married her opponent from a sharpshooting contest at age 16.

The Wax Museum will be in the hallway outside of the Senior Dear's room from 9:45-11:05am, and then from 1:45-3:00pm. Good luck, second graders!

๐Ÿ—“ word of the month ๐Ÿ“–



          adjective; having or showing calmness is a crisis.
          "Jenny's unflappable attitude served her well during the pandemic!"

Similar words: composed, relaxed, imperturbable


a new recurring monthly feature by Bea D. (6)

Hello, and welcome to the silly sports section! This will be a recurring monthly feature that will put wacky but real sports in your head. This month: Extreme Ironing!

Fact File:

  • Number of participants: 70 people participated in the last championship, but countless people enjoy it.
  • Invented by: Tony Hiam
  • When was it invented: 1980
  • What countries compete: Austria, Australia, Chile, Croatia, Great Britain, Germany


three skydivers iron a shirt on an ironing board while skydiving
  • The Ironing board has to be 1 meter long.
  • The board has to have legs and you have to use a real iron.
  • The piece of clothing you have to iron has to be at least the size of a tea towel.
  • Lastly, you have to iron outside. 


  • The Extreme Ironing championship consists of 5 parts: Urban, Water, Lauda, Forest, and Freestyle. In Urban, you iron on top of or inside of a broken-down car. In Water, you iron in a raging river. In Lauda, you have to iron while on a climbing wall. In Forest, you are required to iron in a tree. In Freestyle, you are free to do whatever you want, as long as it agrees with the rules (see above). 
  • As of the last Extreme ironing champion, the best EIs in the world are…
    • 1st: Chrissy Quaid
    • 2nd: Jade Dunn
    • 3rd: Becca Rogers

Resources/If you are interested...

Next month we’ll be exploring……..Cheese Rolling!


by Charlotte F. and Isa D. (6)
carl, a new student, smiles for the camera

Carl F. is a 6th grader at Harman. He moved from a small 900 population, 1 square mile town in Northwest New Jersey, and enjoys playing sports, drawing, being busy, and reading. His favorite book is The Rangers Apprentice book 7. He plays the trombone, guitar, and likes collecting foreign money. He’s been playing trombone for 2 years, and recently joined the 6th-grade band at Harman. Carl participates in a lot of sports that include basketball, baseball, soccer (which is his favorite), and wrestling. His favorite special in school is art, which fits his love of drawing. Carl’s favorite about Oakwood is his ability to walk, run, and bike anywhere he pleases. He says that Oakwood is different from his old town because there are more people and a LOT of snow. He and his family moved to Oakwood because his dad got a job at UDRI. (University of Dayton Research Institute) Carl has a younger brother, an older sister, and a 12-year-old chocolate lab. The thing he misses most about his old town is the woods. Carl says he knew the woods like the back of his hand and loved adventuring there in his free time. 

Everybody welcome Carl to Harman! We are so lucky to have him as a student!


"You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
-A.A. Milne


by Kiera L. (6)
dad, son and daughter stand in front of an RV

Day 1: Friday, Feb. 12, 2021
Today at 10:00 am, my mom, dad, brother, dog and I left our house to go on an adventure- in an RV! We drove for 8 hours! During the ride, I played games, read, colored, and most importantly, ate snacks! We drove through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia (we did a lot of driving). After we got to our campsite at Red Top Mountain State Park, we ate a pasta dinner and watched the latest episode of WandaVision! Tomorrow we will see my uncle! Adventure awaits! 

Day 2: Saturday, Feb. 13, 2021
Beep! Beep! Beep! The waffle cooker! Today I enjoyed a delicious waffle breakfast while excitedly awaiting my uncle’s arrival. Our family had decided that we would stay at Red Top Mountain State Park for two nights instead of just one.  When my uncle got here, I was so excited! We played a board game, ate lunch, and went on a hike. Tomorrow we will drive to Florida! 

Day 3: Sunday, Feb. 14, 2021
*Yawn* I woke up super early today so that we could hit the road and get to Florida before dark. Also because it was Valentine’s day, which meant that I had to get the heart banners I had made taped up before everyone else woke. We exchanged valentine gifts and were off! Later that day, we said ‘hey’ to my cousin Julie, who met us at a rest stop on our way. And after a while of driving, we got to Topsail State Park in Florida! Then we went on an evening walk. It was supposed to end with us making a stop at a great doughnut place, but after we trekked through our flooded path, we couldn’t get to it due to a state park border fence. However, when we got back to the RV, we enjoyed a delicious pizza dinner! 

Day 4: Monday, Feb. 15, 2021

father and daughter smile for the camera, in bicycle helmets

This morning we woke up to a great, sunny, Florida day. We ate breakfast at a local cafe, then started our biking journey! Riding around the state park was amazing! The tall, beautiful pine trees and the magnificent ocean breeze were absolutely spectacular. We headed down to the beach, where we walked around and went seashell hunting! Then we biked to a lake and were enjoying the scenery when we saw a deer! He was brown, tall, and majestic. We headed back to the RV, ate lunch, and started driving to my grandparents’ house. We got caught in a rainstorm, and waited it out behind a Walmart. ๐Ÿ˜„  We finally arrived at my grandparents’!

Day 5, 6: Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb 16-17, 2021
These two days were very relaxed. I mostly ate my grandma's delicious cookies and played Go Fish with my uncle and brother. I also colored, watched tv, picked lemons from my grandparents’ lemon tree and turned them into lemonade, and made sure that my dog Molly got to play with the neighbor's dog, Wendy. Tomorrow we head back home. ๐Ÿ˜ž  Until then!

Day 7: Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021
Today we drove from Niceville, Florida, to Athens, Alabama. The drive was 5.5 hours, but after a whole lot of Netflix and Disney+, we finally arrived at the RV stop we were spending the night at. My mom made cheeseburgers, and we watched a movie. See ya tomorrow! 

Day 8: Friday, Feb. 19, 2021
We drove for 3 hours today! We arrived at Mammoth Cave National Park at around 1:30, just in time for us to make the 2:00 Mammoth Cave tour! The cave was huge! It also had tools and things from people who mined there for salt back in the 1700s. Apparently, in 1812 during the Revolutionary War, that cave became very important because salt is used in gunpowder, which was crucial in that war. After that, it was mostly used for sightseeing and tourism. When the tour was over, we drove a few minutes to the place that we would stay at that night. We had dinner, played a game, and (of course) watched WandaVision! Tomorrow we arrive at home and part with this RV. Until then! 

Day 9: Sat. Feb. 20, 2021
“What?” That morning the jacks, (the ‘feet’ that stabilize the RV while it’s parked) weren’t coming up like they were supposed to. But we found someone to come fix them! After that small bump, we hit the road! And sure enough, around 5:00 pm, we were in Oakwood! We came home to a world of snow and ice, but our kind neighbors had shoveled our driveway for us! This was such a fun trip, and I’m so glad I can share it with you!


by Kate S. (5)

In recent news, we have a few new students in Harman, like fifth-grade Elliott W., in Mr. Savage’s A.M. class. Elliot has moved schools a lot and just moved from Smith. Elliott likes Harman so far and his favorite subjects are ELA and science. Some of Elliott’s favorite hobbies are building and playing the piano. Impressive!  Another fact about Elliott is he does not have siblings, but he does like animals. I hope you have a great year at Harman, Elliott! Have a great day!

๐ŸŽถ orchestra concert ๐ŸŽป

by Ruxandra P. (6)
students stand next to their chairs with string instruments, behind their conductor.

Harman Elementary has many musical activities, including band, orchestra, and handbell choir. On March 2nd, Harman’s 6th grade orchestra performed their first concert at the Smith school gym. The concert was held from 7-8pm, with the 6th, 7th, 8th, and Junior High Honors orchestras. A member of the orchestra, Lizzie Stack, said she was excited to show the music she was working on, and to perform with other kids. The experience to present one’s work can be insightful and helpful for future performances. Mr. Millard, the orchestra teacher for 6-12 grades, conducted the concert. He said that even though things were different this year, the concert was still able to make an impact, because “Music is still music.” Even with a pandemic going on, students were still able to bring happiness into people’s hearts with a little music!

โ˜„๏ธ HOPE STAR: PART ONE โœจ

A three-part creative writing piece by Ruxandra P. (6)

Once upon a time, there was a lonely planet far away in a lonely part of a galaxy. On this planet though, humans and animals lived harmoniously, and the land prospered. It was filled with fertile soil for farming, and trees, oceans, deserts, and more filled every corner. The planet was doing so well though, because of a star.

Long ago, when the solar system in which the planet was located was just beginning to form, a star caught sight of it. It noticed the lonely planet, being the first one created, floating around in a desolate part of the system. The star took pity on the planet and promised to take care of it and make it have the best life possible. So whenever something bad would happen, the star did its best to slow down the effects. The planet never knew who was making all of this good luck happen, but it counted on it to survive. 

The star melted some of its light and splashed it down on the planet in the form of gold rain. Where the liquid hit, plants, and animals grew, streams flowed, and trees towered high. 

Whenever a meteoroid threatened the ecosystem, the star took some of that magical light and threw it down, where it produced a shield, disintegrating it. 

When the sun would heat the planet, the star would cool it down. When cold winds suffocated the planet, the star would defrost it. The star was always there, always ready to help.

Once, right before the star was going to heal the planet after a meteoroid nearly cracked it in half, it noticed something in a chasm. A small flower wavering in the harsh winds. The star once again took pity, this time on the flower, and bowed down to help it. Alas, the star was too bright and hot to help, and when the star’s luminous hands reached down from the sky, it burned the flower, leaving a pile of scorched remnants. The star was frightened, mad at what it had done, and in an effort to save the flower, it shook some golden rain on that one spot, hoping for a miracle. 

All of that energy and passion, directed on that one flower, created something entirely different. From the pile of ash arose humans. The star was delighted, enthralled, ecstatic, at what had just happened. 

The humans, however, were not equipped with the knowledge to survive, and the star vowed to protect its creation. So it showed the humans where to find food and water, shelter and peace, and once the humans had learned everything they needed to know, the star helped guide them back to their homes at night.

The humans were greedy though, and always wanted more and more from the star, more of this and more of that, until the star got so mad, so pressured and exhausted, that it shouted a storm down on the planet, crushing the humans.

The humans had been warned, but as they stood scared in their dwellings, they still wanted more.

The storm cracked the star, only a little bit, and the star cried and cried for the planet, sorry for the terror it had brung. The tears healed the scrapes and bruises, and the humans forgave the star.

Yet the small crack, so small, that not even the star noticed it, continued to grow. be continued in our April issue...

๐Ÿคฃ jacob's joke junction ANSWERS... ๐Ÿคช

1. ...with ten-tickles!

2. ...Super Pickle!

3. ...a blood bank.

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๐Ÿ’ FEBRUARY 2021 ๐ŸŒน


๐Ÿค” "What's GOOD?" ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

A recurring monthly feature, submitted by various students and staff
  • Sarah, Pammy, Lily, and Rosie L. (6, 4, 2, 1) got a new puppy!
  • Lilith D. (5) won her first basketball game in two years!
  • Charlotte F. (6) is grateful for her caring family that makes her smile and laugh every day.
  • Charlotte F. (6) is also excited about her upcoming family trip to West Virginia!
  • Benjamin M. (4) is excited about a potential trip to Idaho to visit friends for his birthday.
  • Luca and Isa D. (3, 6) got a new dog!
  • Kiera L. (6) is super excited about an upcoming RV trip with her family!
  • Isa D. (6) started playing tennis.
  • Paul A. and Owen G. (6) are both very excited about getting Invisalign.

๐Ÿคฃ jacob's joke junction ๐Ÿคช

by Jacob D. (3)

1. What do you think of that new diner on the moon? 

2. What gets wetter the more it dries?

3. How do you make a tissue dance?

                                            ...Check out the answers at the end of this month's issue!


by Isa D. and Charlotte F. (6)

It’s February, the month of love! Valentine's Day (14th) is known for gifting flowers, chocolates and etc to your loved one/s. But have YOU ever wondered where this celebration of love originated from? Let’s take this back to the Middle Ages when Saint Valentine started it all. 

Saint Valentine is recognized as the Saint of significant religion, culture, and commercial celebrations of romance in many different religions around the world. Saint Valentine performed weddings for Christians who were forbidden to marry. Some think that the first Valentine was sent by a young Roman who fell in love with a young girl. His name was Valentine, therefore, when he sent her the letter, he signed it, From your Valentine. This created the tradition of sending From your Valentine to your loved one/s on Valentines Day. Another legend has it that Saint Valentine restored sight to the blind daughter of his jailer. 

Valentine's Day, also known as Feast of Saint Valentine, or Saint Valentine’s Day developed from a feast that honored Saint Valentine’s death on AD 269.  This originated from the Western Christian feast and was established by Pope Gelasius in AD 496. 

Now that we learned the origin of this special feast from the Middle Ages, let’s take a look at our present day traditions for Valentine’s Day! 

In today’s times traditions may include exchanging gifts. In particular chocolates, flowers (most likely roses), and notes from your loved one/s. Furthermore, romantic nights or dates out, alongside loved one/s with candles, rose petals and food! Things may be a little different this year, but we can still give Valentines, chocolates, flowers and etc. just at home to your family members!

๐Ÿ—“ word of the month ๐Ÿ“–



          noun; the state of being strong and active; energy.
          "She has so much vitality and enthusiasm!"

Similar words: endurance, stamina, liveliness


by Kiera L. (6)

2020 wasn't exactly the year we had all hoped it would be. But, every cloud has a silver lining. As people went away into quarantine, the high levels of pollution across the globe went away too. In an article by National Geographic, they say “In India, where air pollution is among the world’s worst, “people are reporting seeing the Himalayas for the first time from where they live,” Lauri Myllyvirta, lead analyst at the Helsinki-based Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air, said in an email. They also go on to later say that “But in Delhi, where air is normally choking, levels of both PM2.5 and the harmful gas nitrogen dioxide fell more than 70 percent.” These declines are temporary, but it shows how fast we can bring down our pollution when we decrease the burning of fossil fuels. 

So what can you do to help? Well, if you’re driving to a near-by place, consider biking or walking. Or you could compost, an easy and positive for the environment way to dispose of food scraps.


 “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”
- Mother Teresa


by Ruxandra P. (6)

Laughter is the ticket to
the train that will bring you back to your
glory days,

The substance that makes those
aches and grumbles go away.

Laughter is your spirit flying high 
above the sky,

Away from the needs of life.


by Evvie T. (6)
Amanda Gordon speaking at the podium at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration

If you watched the news on inauguration day, then you probably remember the touching poem written and read by 22-year-old Amanda Gordon. She was born and raised in Los Angeles by a single mother. Amanda is the youngest poet to recite for the president on inauguration day.  She said in her inauguration poem, The Hill We Climb:

     “We the successors
     of a country and a time                                                             
     Where a skinny Black girl
     descended from slaves and raised by a single mother
     can dream of becoming president
     only to find herself reciting for one."

She was also inspirational to me regarding the united strength of the country. Here is the section about that:

     "Let the globe, if nothing else, say this is true:
     That even as we grieved, we grew
     That even as we hurt, we hoped
     That even as we tired, we tried
     That we'll forever be tied together, victorious
     Not because we will never again know defeat
     but because we will never again sow division.”

I find Amanda Gordon’s work to be amazing and touching. Even though she broke records with
her age, her words are the most important. It was great to hear what Amanda Gordon had to say.

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, Pool)


by Georgia B. (6)
cover art for the novel The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin

Summary: This book is a mystery book about a man named Samuel W. Westing, a group of unlikely suspects and a murder. When Samuel Westing dies he leaves a will saying that who ever solves his murder will gain his very large inheritance. Through clues and games the suspects are slowly figuring out who it is. But will they find them in time before the clock runs out?  

My review: This book was phenomenal! There were twists and lots of great characters! And the ending was so crazy! I would have never guessed it. You can play along and try to figure out who it is too. I recommend it for 4th to 6th graders. โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜†4.5/5 stars 

๐Ÿคฃ jacob's joke junction ANSWERS... ๐Ÿคช

1. ...The food was really good, but there really wasn't much atmosphere.

2. ...a towel.

3. put a little boogie in it.


by Quinn S. (6)
six photos of animals with hearts to indicate a valentine theme

Photos from

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โ„๏ธ JANUARY 2021 ๐ŸŽ‰


๐Ÿค” "What's GOOD?" ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

A recurring monthly feature, submitted by various students and staff
  • Mrs. Hiltbrunner is happy to report she has successfully used her InstaPot three times so far this year.
  • Mrs. Ford is excited to have started a new boot camp!
  • Mr. Gowdy is happy that he got to hug his mom over break!
  • Mr. Gowdy is also happy to say that his microwave got fixed today.
  • Ms. Kuntz is grateful for her friends at school who have helped her find answers to a problem she could not figure out. 
  • Mrs. McAllister decided to start the simple habit of flossing daily, and she currently has flossed 7 days in a row! Details as to whether she means the dance or the oral hygiene practice is still in the air.
  • Mrs. Walther has been enjoying FaceTiming with her niece where they have been playing with makeup and talking gymnastics.
  • After waiting and waiting and lots of hemming and hawing over the course of years, Mr. Wadham is proud to say that he has organized and cleaned his basement, and it's truly spectacular sight to behold.

๐Ÿคฃ jacob's joke junction ๐Ÿคช

by Jacob D. (3)

1. What do you call a boomerang that won't come back? 

2. Why can't Elsa have a balloon? 

3. What do you call a dog magician?

                                            ...Check out the answers at the end of this month's issue!


by Beatrice D. and Isa D. (6)
the words Happy New Year 2021 are encircled by fireworks over a city skyline

This year we will be celebrating New years. Our parties will be smaller or maybe on Zoom, but hopefully, we will have just as much fun as we have had in the past. One of the most renowned American traditions is watching the ball drop in times square. 1,000,000,000 people are expected to watch the ball descend, but America isn’t the only country with unique traditions. Let’s take a look at unique traditions from around the globe. 


Eating grapes. I like grapes, you like grapes, who doesn’t like grapes? They are a perfect blend of sweet and sour, a flavor explosion, a refreshment. In Spain, they eat exactly 12 grapes each on the 12 strokes of midnight. Grapevine growers invented this tradition to boost grape sales at the end of the year. Their plan worked because now this tradition is practiced all over Spain. This tradition is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity. 


Planting trees underwater. If you happen to wind up staying at Lake Baikal during the New Year's celebrations, you are in for a treat. Every New Year, two people dive into Lake Baikal to put a decorated spruce tree at the bottom of this frozen lake. The two divers take the name of Father Frost and Ice Maiden and dive one hundred feet to the bottom. People from all around the world come to see this phenomenon. 


Did you know that the official food dish of Greece is Moussaka? Moussaka is a dish made from eggplant, lamb, and tomato with cheese on top. So why do Greeks hang onions on their doors during New Years? Greeks believe that onions are a symbol of rebirth, so they hang them on their doors to promote growth throughout the new year. Pomegranates are also a large part of the Greek new year's festivities. Greeks smash pomegranates against the door of their homes. The number of seeds that fall out are believed to be linked to how much good luck you will have in the coming year. 


In Denmark, people take pride in plates. The Danish tradition states that the more broken plates you have at your doorstep, the better. When you smash the china, all of your anger and aggressions are smashed, leaving a clean slate for the new year. Some people say that the more plates you have, the luckier you are. 

If you’re interested in more unique traditions, check out these links: 

·       20 New Year's Eve Traditions From Around the World

·       12 New Year's Eve Traditions from Around the World

๐Ÿ—“ word of the month ๐Ÿ“–



          noun; the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.
          "a fortunate stroke of serendipity"

Similar words: blessing, lucky break, happenstance

๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท New year's eve in france ๐ŸŽ†

by Kate S. (5)

In recent news, it is now 2021! People all around the world are celebrating the New Year in their own way. In France, they celebrate New Year's a little different than we do. Most people start New Year's day at midnight and then celebrate with food, fireworks, and singing songs like Chanson du Nouvel An (the song of the New Year). After they have celebrated with friends and family, the French usually spend the rest of the day quietly. As you can see, the French celebrate the new year very similar to the way we celebrate, but there is one thing that connects the celebrations in a special way -- both celebrations commemorate the start of a new year. Happy 2021!


 “You're off to great places, today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!”
- Dr. Seuss


by Ruxandra P. (6)

The bright red hull
And the way the whistle shrieks, 
Brings Happiness to its peak.

The conductor yelling “All Aboard!”
With people rushing to the tracks,
Little children looking back,
From where they came from.

Disturbed birds fly away,
As the engine bustles through
Young shoots of grass
Bristling with dew.

Running day and night,
Dusk to dawn,
The train is here,
And also gone.

Through puddles of snow,
And sweet-smelling flowers,
Wherever you are,
The train will follow.

And although the day will come,
When Happiness deceases,
The train will come 
To wipe away the tears -

And sew the broken hearts,
Mend the fallen hope,
Give the people faith and courage,
To take them one step forward.

Running day and night,
Dusk to dawn,
The train is always here,
And only sometimes gone.

๐Ÿ“š HOMESCHOOLING IN 2020-2021 ๐Ÿ“

by Evvie T. (6)

This year, many people have decided to switch to homeschooling, my family included. We enjoy the extra time with each other and are able to personalize the lessons. One example is an activity we call "Star Student." We see who will cooperate the most over the week, then the next week the one who our dad says did the best at cooperating will get to choose the activity. We enjoy homeschool but really miss our friends. So, no hope for seeing our friends, right? ZOOM to the rescue! Both my sisters and I enjoy video calling with friends, and we have even hosted some online parties, including Halloween and birthdays. We try to have fun with our friends in a safe manner. 

Another thing we love about homeschool is the ability to go on field trips more frequently. So far, we have visited Serpent Mound, Carillon Park, and others as a family. When interviewed on the matter, my mom, AKA our teacher remarked that "Field trips make homeschool more fun, and provide a chance to get out of our normal environment and learn something new, whether it is related to what we're studying or not."    

To sum it all up, we miss our friends but have found solutions. Also, our parents have made homeschooling much more fun for us.


by Cam J. (6)

The Good News is mostly to make you smile. It is also about the writers, editors, and teachers, but also the school’s news plus worldly news that affects everyone. But I thought, “what about your personal good news? Something about you only, special to YOU? Pieces of news that make you happy and motivated that set a positive perspective on things you’re doing, no matter if you have lots homework to complete and you need to be motivated, or if you just feel down and need something to get your brain going?” The Good News is not just a school paper. Good news can come from YOU, because you have the power do anything, no matter what others say, no matter what you might think or know, and no matter what you feel like. Good news puts a positive spin on everything. YOUR news could be how you can change something bad to good in your life, or how amazing your hair looks, or how you are so proud of yourself for helping Mrs. Carson across the street mow her lawn, or how you’re so excited to see your cousins for spring break… now that’s what I call good news! So try it, make your own good news, be you, be positive, and never give up.      


by Luca D. (3)

image of cupcake and cookies underneath the words BAKE SALECome to The Community Service Cooks bake sale (Luca, James, Emmett, and Claire). It will be on Thursday, January the 21st. At Harman: 11:00 to 12:15 at Smith: 3:00 to 3:45. They both will be on the front lawn.  We are having this to raise money for the hungry in Dayton (Saint Vincent de Paul). For the small pastries they will be $1, for the big ones they will be $2. If you forget we will tell you at the bake sale. Our goal is to get $150. 

๐Ÿคฃ jacob's joke junction ANSWERS... ๐Ÿคช

1. ...a stick.

2. ...because she will let it go.

3. ...a labracadabrador.

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๐Ÿ“ฏ DECEMBER 2020 ๐Ÿ›ท


๐Ÿค” "What's GOOD?" ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

A recurring monthly feature, submitted by various students and staff
  • Luca D. (3) is excited about going skiing with his family.
  • Dominic Z. (3) is excited about getting to stay up late on Friday.
  • Ayanna W. (3)’s new guinea pig had three babies and they are drinking her milk!
  • Kitty G. (4) is happy to have made a new friend in 5th grade, who had her teacher last year!
  • Colton K. (4) got a pet fish.
  • Gillian H. (3) is excited about her upcoming mock gymnastics meet!
  • Ben T. (3) is proud to announce that he prepared the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes for his family’s Thanksgiving. Ben wants to be a chef when he grows up.
  • Mrs. Davidson’s son Archer just turned 2!
  • Mrs. Sorice’s heart warmed listening to our students talking to each other, maintaining distance and positive relationships with one another. She is also thankful for the sunshine, and for all the smiles on our students’ faces.
  • Mr. Forney would like to recognize Isaac A. (4) for volunteering to help students in Springfield with music!

๐Ÿค” "What's GOOD, OPTION 2?" ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

A new monthly feature, submitted by students learning from home!
  • Tanner (5) and Gabriella W. (4) are excited about their upcoming trip to Hocking Hills!
  • Jane M. (5) was really hoping to see a bear when she was in the Great Smoky Mountains, and she did!
  • Audrey C. (5) is excited about a new project she is creating for her very own website! 
  • Fiona L. (5) was a bridesmaid at her cousin’s wedding!
  • Ivy K. (4) is going to foster a bird!

๐Ÿคฃ jacob's joke junction ๐Ÿคช

by Jacob D. (3)

1. What musical instrument can be found in the bathroom? 

2. How does a cucumber become a pickle? 

3. Why couldn't the pony sing a lullaby?

4. Where do pencils spend their holiday break? 

                                            ...Check out the answers at the end of this month's issue!


by Isa D. and Bea D. (6)
a black goldendoodle puppy looks up at the camera

Like George Holzberg in October’s issue, David Wenig and his family raised money for David to get a service dog. David is in 6th grade and has Type 1 diabetes. The service dog's name is Ruby and she’s a golden doodle. According to David, she’s very “chill.” The Wenig Family used Facebook and the Dayton Foundation to raise $15,000 total, and $2,500 for a deposit to get on the waitlist. Once they had done that, it was up to 16 weeks for them to get matched with a dog. When asked what they would like to say to all the people who donated, Mrs. Wenig and David replied that “Everyone was very generous and very kind.” The Wenigs will get Ruby from July to August.

T1D Facts:
Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease that occurs when a person’s pancreas stops producing insulin, the hormone that controls blood-sugar levels. T1D develops when the insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells are mistakenly destroyed by the body’s immune system. The cause of this attack is still being researched, however, scientists believe the cause may have genetic and environmental components.

How T1D Is Managed:
Type 1 diabetes is a 24/7 disease that requires constant management. People with T1D continuously and carefully balance insulin intake with eating, exercise, and other activities. They also measure blood-sugar levels through finger pricks, ideally at least six times a day, or by wearing a continuous glucose monitor. Even with a strict regimen, people with T1D may still experience dangerously high or low blood glucose levels that can, in extreme cases, be life-threatening. Every person with T1D becomes actively involved in managing his or her disease.

How Ruby Can Help  
David has to wear a continuous glucose monitor, which can sometimes be faulty, and it can be hard for Mr. and Mrs. Wenig to wake David up, so Ruby will either alert his parents or wake him up herself.



  • “I am grateful for my teachers because they teach me so many new things that I did not know and they make school fun.” - Claire F. (6)
  • “I'm grateful that they're working very hard to make sure we are still learning and growing to the best of our ability in the pandemic right now, and how they always think of their students before themselves... they are trying to make everything fun and useful in our later life.” - Charlotte F. (6)
  • “I’m grateful for my teacher because she’s nice and funny. She teaches me lots of things.” - Eleanor L. (3)
  • “I really like my teacher because she’s a really good teacher, she’s really nice, and she has a great teaching method.”  - Hudson P-J. (5)
  • “Because they really help us and they’re nice and kind.” - Ayanna W. (3)
  • “I am thankful that we have a lot of fun in class. She is also very nice.” - James C. (3)
  • “She was actually who I wanted this year because I thought she would be a really good teacher, and she is!" - Gracie S. (4)
  • “She is nice and funny and a great teacher!” - Lena O. (2)
  • “She helps me learn more so I can be smart.” Signe M. (1)

Happy Holidays, Teachers! Thank you for everything you do!
Love, The Good News Staff


by Ruxandra P. (6)

December is a time when people come together and celebrate the new year and many other holidays. Usually when people think of this month, one of the things that comes to mind is the holiday Christmas. Although many people celebrate this, it is not the only holiday that is in December. There are actually many different kinds of holidays out there. Other than Christmas, there's Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, and many more, some that are even just for fun. Each one has an amazing history and different things that are done.

candle on a christmas tree

Other than being one of the most popular holidays celebrated in December, Christmas has some interesting things that go along with it. For example, have you ever wondered why you would hang up a Christmas tree if you celebrated this? Christmas trees actually have a deep and intricate history, even up to the ancient Egyptians! People believed that the evergreen tree was connected to the sun, whom many believed to be a god. When winter came, the sun was believed to be sick, and that evergreens symbolized the day when it would recover, so they would hang evergreen branches in their house. In the 16th century, Germany was the first country to actually put a living pine tree in their houses, and soon the tradition spread all across the globe! Sources:

lit menorah

There are many different variations on how this holiday came to be, but many believe that Hanukkah was created as an honor of the eight days that the original menorah had survived, shining bright into the night after a victory. There had only been enough oil to keep the menorah alive for one day, yet somehow it had lasted more than anyone would have thought. As a result, Hanukkah now lasts for 8 days. But what is a menorah? A menorah is a candelabra with 9 branches, 8 of them representing the eight days that the original menorah had been kept lit, while the ninth candle helps light the other candles and is called the shamash. There are other traditions that are celebrated during this eight day holiday, one of them including frying food in oil, a reference to the start of Hanukkah.  Sources:

kwanzaa kinara

Kwanzaa is actually a holiday that was created more recently. In 1966, a professor named Dr. Maulana Karenga created Kwanzaa as a way to unite people. Kwanzaa came from the saying matunda ya kwanza, which translates to first fruits. It takes up seven nights, each one filled with different activities. Similar to Hanukkah, Kwanzaa also has a candelabra, which is called a kinara. The kinara holds seven candles and each one is lit on each night. For every candle, there is a principle to be discussed. There are seven principles and are called Nguzo Saba in Swahili. A few of them are unity, purpose, and creativity. There are also seven symbols, similar to the seven principles. Kwanzaa has no specific celebratory regimen and every family that celebrates it comes up with their own unique way. This includes poetry, feasting, and more. On the last day of December, families gather together to have one large feast, with African foods, called the Karamu. Sources:;

There are tons of other holidays celebrated in December, some of them even about snacks! National Cookie Day is on December 4th, a day dedicated to this lovely treat, as well as National Dice day and National Sock day. December not only has holidays that represent the past, but it also has ones that represent the present. Every day is a holiday in December, and each one is special and unique, making every day a time to be happy! Source:


 “Tis the sweet and the simple things in life that are the best ones after all.” - Laura Ingalls Wilder


by Evvie T. (6)
student shows her website with a grin

Audrey Creighton was a Harman student in 4th grade last year. This year, as she went into 5th grade, her family decided to do school online, AKA "Option 2." She was happy to have chosen the option that was safest for her and her family. With the extra time she had with the self-paced online school, she decided to start a website. Because of Audrey’s love of cooking, food, and helping people with cooking, she chose to make it a food-based website. Audrey says her love of travel has inspired cooking from different cultures. In the first project she did for her website, she looked through some of her great-grandmother’s cookbooks and found fifty recipes she liked. She then cooked each dish and reviewed the recipes on her website. She is now adding another project, having finished the first. Her new project is exploring healthy cooking and is called The Clean Green Machine. 

๐Ÿ”” Carillon Lights ๐Ÿ””

by Kate S. (5), photo by Georgia B. (6)
white lights surround carillon tower in the shape of a tree

Dear readers, in recent news, Carillon Historical Park has lit their holiday lights! The lights go all the way up to the top of the bell tower, so even if you just drive by you will be able to see the twinkling lights. That’s not all, there are also lights all around the park, on trees, on buildings, and on a smaller but still amazing tower. The holiday spirit has come early this year and Carillon is not the only one with lights up. All around Oakwood people are putting up festive lights! Have you put up your lights? If you would like to see Carillon’s lights they will be up until December 30th. But just do not visit the park on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, because the park will be closed on those days.  However, on all other days, the park will be open from 5:00 - 9:00 p.m. so come check it out. I will see you there. 


by Isaac A. (4)

Did you know that an old abandoned town in the desert is also known as a ghost town? One ghost town is located in the desert of California’s Death Valley. Death Valley is listed in the U.S. National Parks. Death Valley was abandoned back in 1909 because there was a mining site that collapsed. Also if you want to go there, I highly recommend you go with A LOT of water.


by Lilith D. (5)

This month I always feel an extra dose of joy. Do you feel that too? I personally have been through a lot this year: COVID, friends moving, myself moving, starting school after being homeschooled for two years. Yet I now find joy in little things, the stars, the lights on my tree, real smiles that I can see on faces. I don't pay attention to the big picture but the spots of joy and memories I keep and have. I don't pay attention to the things I receive or give but to the smiles on the faces. Joy!  I find joy not in things but in people, memories, and the time I get to spend with those I love!

๐Ÿคฃ jacob's joke junction ANSWERS... ๐Ÿคช

1. ...a tuba toothpaste.

2. goes through a jarring experience.

3. ...she was a little horse.

4. ...Pencil-vania.


by Quinn S. (6)
several animals (puppies, penguins, squirrel, kitten) pose around holiday themed items (wreaths, pinecones, snow, lights)

photos from

If you would like to share some of your own Good News for our next issue, click here to submit!

Logo for school newspaper; The Good News. Title in center, three thumbs ups appear from each side pointing toward center.

๐Ÿฆƒ NOVEMBER 2020 ๐Ÿฅง


๐Ÿค” "What's GOOD?" ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

A recurring monthly feature, submitted by various students and staff
  • Gabe P. (3) won all his soccer games!
  • Ayanna W. (3) just got a small guinea pig and named him Smores, and she is excited about her new fall clothes to wear to school.
  • Emily W.'s (3) dad is thinking of getting her a puppy!
  • Cameron M. (3) is excited that his big sister was crowned Oakwood's 2020 Homecoming Queen!
  • Ty M. (3) gets to go camping and see his aunt, grandma, and maybe cousin!
  • Dominic Z. (3) is happy!
  • Sophia J. (6) was awarded Grand Champion at the Kentucky National Horse Show in the short stirrup division and she won more competitions at her recent one!
  • Grant Z. (6) is excited that his favorite NFL team is 3-0!
  • Isa D. (6) got her braces off!
  • Mary D. (4) is excited to have gotten to babysit her cousins!
  • Liam I. (5) is excited about an upcoming family trip.
  • Ben K. (4) is happy that his mom was nice to him.
  • Raphael Z. (3) won his first soccer game!
  • Luke L. and Cameron M. (3) are excited that Oakwood said YES to Halloween!
  • Paul A. (6) is excited about having started band and orchestra this year.
  • Georgia B. and Charlotte F. (6) are excited about getting to see their grandparents for Thanksgiving!
  • Evvie (6), Audrey (4), and Elizabeth (2) T. are proud to announce the arrival of their new cat, Helix!

๐Ÿคฃ jacob's joke junction ๐Ÿคช

A recurring monthly feature by Jacob D. (3)

1. What time is it when the clock strikes 13?

2. Why did the dinosaur cross the road?

3. Why did the kid bring a ladder to school?

4. What do elves learn in school?

5. What do cakes and baseball have in common?

                                            ...Check out the answers at the end of this month's issue!


by Kate S. (5)

In recent news, there was just a Harman student council election! Congrats to all our new student council members:  

4th Grade - Emma H., Morgan E., Claire A., Whitlow W., Lucy C., and Gracie S.
5th Grade - Daisy J., Isaiah M., Lyla M., Madeline M., Callie R., Jack M., Anne Marie C., and Kate S.
6th Grade - Amelia B., Ella C., Bea D., Isa D., Kait P., and Will R.

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with to help our school in so many new ways!


A Featured Story by Ruxandra P. (6)
two photos of a newborn baby girl

There are many things that can enlighten a person's life. One of those things would be the arrival of a new family member. Mrs. Dzuris, one of Harman's Intervention Specialists, was granted a new daughter. "I am thrilled to share that my husband, son, and I welcomed Grace Mae Dzuris to our family on September 23rd. We could not be more grateful for and in love with our sweet baby girl!" she said. "She came in looking adorable," was what Mrs. Dzuris's sister, Ms. Simpson, said in an interview. Everyone was delighted, and Ms. Simpson said "It is really nice in these crazy times to have a bright spot to look at." Even though 2020 has been a little chaotic, Grace has brought joy to the Dzuris family, and as Ms. Simpson said, "Grace can be the one little spot that brightens up the whole atmosphere."


A Featured Story by Charlotte F. (6)

Last month, Mr. Wadham has set up a fun, interactive contest! Each week, he posted a list of tasks on his Google Classroom (Mr. Wadham's Virtual Office), where you could earn points from completing certain "Good Deeds." The student with the most points at the end of the challenge is declared winner and gets an Ashley's gift basket to share with the class, or to themselves! With this game we can spread joy, happiness, and kindness throughout Harman!

Ila Hayes (1) in Mrs. Teeters's class! Congratulations Ila for earning 475 points!


A Survey by Callie R. and Kate S. (5)
a pie chart of students' favorite pie (they prefer pumpkin)

Harman's favorite fall pie is Pumpkin Pie!

๐Ÿ—“ word of the month ๐Ÿ“–


1. The quality of being thankful.

2. Readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

3. A practice that, if done daily, can boost mental health and immunity.

Similar words: thankfulness, appreciation, recognition

๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿป Sir Timothy and Master Harmanrabi Visit Sixth Graders ๐Ÿบ

A Special Feature by Kiera L., Isa D., Charlotte F., & Amelia B. (6)

On October 2nd, Sir Timothy, a world renowned anthropologist, visited the 6th graders. Sir Timothy has been teaching this lesson for about 30 years. 

Together, Sir Timothy and Mr. Fleck taught this brilliant and life changing lesson that will stay with each and every 6th grader forever. What were some of the thoughts that captured the students' minds? What ideas contributed in the making of this lesson? Some 6th grade students who had a change to experience this say:

"The lesson was really interesting and fun to learn about. It was an impactful experience and I really enjoyed it, " Cam Jones remarks. She also said that "Sir Timothy is amazing. The lesson was very authentic."

6th grade teacher dresses up as Master Harmanrabi

Seth Upton said that "The lesson had a message, and it was unpredictable. My favorite thing about Sir Timothy was his amazing editing skills. I have never seen a [presentation] as amazing as that."

Landon Krauss stated "Sir Timothy taught us about our culture in an incredible way."

Miriam Siff said "I liked the humor in the lesson and I learned a lot about what people might think about our culture. I know that the next people will love the lesson."

Mr. Fleck, the 6th grade teacher who got the chance to work with Sir Timothy declared, upon being asked why he did this presentation, "I do it to help my students better understand why people do the things they do, that's my saying. It's kind of like Hammurabi's code; it will make kids see what different religions do." We think this is a great motive to open kids' eyes to the cultures of the world. Mr. Fleck has now been doing this for several years.

When asked how he came up with these characters, Mr. Fleck said, "I just kind of imagined what it would be like to be a world traveling person who studies cultures; it just happened. I used to do a colonial character in Beavercreek with a white wig and socks up to my knees, and he was very strict, so I kind of used that for Master Harmanrabi."

Mr. Fleck stated that, when asked what he wants his students to take away from scribe school, "I want them to come away with an understanding of what it was like to be a student thousands of years ago, and have an appreciation of communication and that part of history."

๐Ÿšฟ Shower Thoughts ๐Ÿค”

Random Thoughts that make you think, compiled by Maria B. (6)
  • Can fish see water because we can’t see air?
  • We eat pizza from the inside out.
  • Nothing is on fire, fire is on things.
  • The word “swims” upside down is still “swims.”
  • Intentionally losing at a game of rock paper scissors is harder than winning.
  • 100 years ago people owned a horse and the rich owned cars. Today people have cars and the rich own horses.
  • Your future self is watching you through memories.
  • What if my dog only brings back the ball because he thinks I like throwing it?
  • Your age is just the number of laps you’ve done around a giant fireball in the center of the solar system.
  • You can drink a drink, but you can’t food a food.
  • If you clean a vacuum cleaner, the vacuum is cleaner, and you are a vacuum cleaner.
  • A birthday cake can be any flavour, but birthday cake is a flavour. (Same with bubble gum)

โœˆ๏ธ Eeeeeeeeee! ๐Ÿง“๐Ÿผ

A Creatively Described True-to-Life Narrative by Cam J. (6)

My brother and I are going on a trip across the country. We travel from Columbus, Ohio to Arizona to see our Grammy and Papo but that is not all... we pass many states on the way through! We look down on them from the clouds. We still feel the good vibes and morning breakfast fumes rise. Seeing as we leave at seven o'clock, by the time we are up in the air, New Mexico, Indiana, Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas will still be having breakfast, and my brother and I will be chilling on a plane. Every morning I try to hold my excitement but that just won't happen... my smiles and "eeeeeeees!!!!" just float right out of me uncontrollably! This magical power of enthusiasm lasts all day, and sadly sometimes all night and I don't get a wink of sleep. The date of our departure on the calendar does not help, but I am afraid this buildup of excitement might just burst someday... (in a whispering voice: WATCH OUT!)...


"If you are too busy to laugh, you are too busy." - Unknown


by Lizzie S. (6)

On a wet, grey, fall afternoon, a third grader named Eliza was walking home from school with her best friend, Lou. The girls had been best friends since they were born and lived 2 houses away from each other. Even though they had been best friends since birth and told each other most of their secrets, they had never really had a conversation about their feelings together. Eliza especially kept things to herself when talking about emotions even with the people she trusted and only showed her happy fun self that never got put down from what any one else said. 

Eliza and Lou sadly were not in the same class, so they had to make other friends they could play with at school. This part was smooth sailing for Lou, but it took awhile for Eliza to make friends with the girls in her class. Once the girls in Eliza’s class were friends with her, they slowly started randomly acting like they hated Eliza, they did whatever they could do to get under her skin and when she was playing with them they would start annoying her, thinking it was funny. She was getting sick and tired of it.

Midway through the girls' walk home, Eliza realized she needed to tell someone about what she was feeling and thought that it should be Lou. Eliza’s heart was racing when she finally got the courage to speak up and tell Lou the whole story. This made Eliza feel very vulnerable because she had never shown these emotions before and she thought of feelings as a bad thing, even though everybody has them. Eliza felt very glad she had Lou to tell this to and it felt good to say it because these emotions were piling up inside of her and she felt like she needed to explode. Before Eliza was vulnerable, she was worried to tell people her emotions, but after, she was relieved she shared her feelings. This made Eliza and Lou very close because it didn’t just show that Eliza could talk about her feelings, but it also meant Lou trusted Eliza enough to share her feelings. Because the girls had so much in common, they had a connection to what they physically did, but now they also have an emotional connection. 

This helped Eliza and Lou a lot with future relationships because they learned the more they emotionally connect with someone they have a positive relationship with, the closer they can get. This also taught them they don’t always have to keep their negative emotions to themselves because sharing them with others could help them get better.

๐Ÿคฃ jacob's joke junction answers... ๐Ÿคช

1. ...time to get a new clock!

2. ...because the chicken wasn't born yet!

3. ...because she wanted to go to high school.

4. ...the elf-abet.

5. ...they both need a batter!


by Lilith D. (5)

Leaders are everywhere in our community. Our teachers, principals, parents, and government workers. You can be a leader.  It doesn’t mean you have to have a badge on your shoulder or the significance to be older or in a higher grade. You can be a leader. You might be a first grader struggling through the words to read this and thinking, ‘Oh it means the older kids.’ No! I mean you and everyone else. You can be a leader. You don't have to be one, if you don't want to that's OK. If everyone is a leader then we never will learn but just teach. You can always learn more. Never stop learning.

If you would like to share some of your own Good News for our next issue, click here to submit!

Logo for school newspaper; The Good News. Title in center, three thumbs ups appear from each side pointing toward center.

๐ŸŽƒ OCTOBER 2020 ๐ŸŽƒ



๐Ÿค” "What's GOOD?" ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

A recurring monthly feature, submitted by various students and staff
  • Julia B. (5) finally got her cast off!
  • Quinn T. (4) is excited about her first flag football game this weekend. Good luck, Quinn!
  • Luke B. (4) was able to get away for a little bit to the Smoky Mountains!
  • Spencer R.'s (4) grandparents came to visit his family this week!
  • Mary D. (4) is grateful for her great friends and family.
  • Maria B.'s (6) dog just had a birthday!
  • Landon K. (6) is grateful for his mother's kindness.
  • Luke L. (3) and Coleman O. (6) are excited about trying out for basketball. Good luck to both of them!
  • Molly W. (2) was generous and helped her brother before school! Thank you, Molly!
  • Our cafeteria friend Mrs. Carey's oldest daughter Clarissa just got engaged!
  • Mrs. Patterson would like to recognize Paul A. (6) for his generosity, leadership, and volunteering throughout the community!
  • Mrs. Davidson would like to recognize Courtney L. (3) for believing in herself during math and doing an excellent job on her assignment!
  • Mr. Wadham would like to recognize and congratulate the student team of The Good News for their creativity, initiative, and enthusiastic participation. He is very proud of your hard work on this, the FIRST of MANY issues of The Good News.

๐Ÿคฃ jacob's joke junction ๐Ÿคช

A recurring monthly feature by Jacob D. (3)

1. What do you call a dinosaur that is sleeping?

2. What is fast, loud, and crunchy?

3. Why did the teddy bear say no to dessert?

                                                                                                           ...Check out the answers at the end of this month's issue!

๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿผ 5th grade teacher becomes a grandmother ๐Ÿ’–

A Featured Story by Seth U. (6)

Not too long ago, one of our 5th grade teachers, Mrs. Schumacher, became a grandmother. "It is such an exciting time for me. I was actually in the delivery room when Ryleigh was born. I cried because it was such a happy momentous moment," is what she said. On this occasion she became the grandmother of Ryleigh Marie Kelley, a baby girl who is 8lbs, 20.5" long. If you see Mrs. Schumacher, please say hi and congratulate her on her becoming a grandmother. A special thank you to Mrs. Schumacher for all the information through email.

series of three photos, one of a baby laying on a blanket, one of a grandmother holding an infant, and a third of same baby



"Life is too short. Eat dessert first!" - Jacques Torres


A Featured Story by Kate S., Rita S., & Meryl W. (5)
smiling 6 year old boy standing outside school

In recent events, one of our fourth grade teachers, Mr. Holzberg, who we all know and love, has some big news! His son George is getting a service dog! When George found out that he was getting a service dog he was ecstatic! He was so excited he started jumping up and down clapping his hands. The Holzbergs are getting a service dog because the dog would help George when he goes out to places and help him concentrate on his school work.

The fundraiser started on September 13, 2020. Over 308 people gave to help George. Altogether, they raised $18,350 on Facebook. In only one day, they were able to raise enough money through 4 Paws For Ability. They will get the dog in two years. George will receive a service dog, just like they were hoping.

A service dog is a dog that helps people with disabilities. In George's case, the service dog will help him focus. They do not get to choose what dog they are getting, but golden retrievers are the most common service dogs. 

Mr. Holzberg and his wife would like to thank their friends, family, and the teachers for donating:

"We did it! We met our goal! We are overwhelmed by your outpouring of love and support for George and our family. We have never done a fundraiser like this and to say we were nervous is an understatement. For the past few weeks we kept putting it off because we felt so vulnerable and wondered if we would really be able to meet this goal. However, we knew there was an urgency to our situation so after many deep breaths, we launched. 

One after another, your donations and kind words poured in, and in just a mere 24 hours, you not only helped us to meet our goal, we exceeded it. We are speechless, touched, and feel very blessed. Most of all, we are thrilled beyond words to bring George's dog home. We will keep everyone updated as we go through the next stage in the process.

There truly are no words to express how we feel right now. We thank you. George thanks you. And most of all, we look forward to the day when George can share his dog with all of you. More to come..."

If you want to help kids like George, here is a link to 4 Paws For Ability.


๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ 2 million people in india gather to plant 250 million trees along river ๐ŸŒฑ

A Special Interest Story by Maria B. (6)
men planting trees in India

In the Indian state of Utter Prashar, there is space for trees to grow, but not just a few trees, 250 MILLION! They planted these trees as a part to tackle government change and global warming. As if this amazing act of kindness wasn't enough, they also did it all while “maintaining social distance from each other and wore face masks!” Just like in the photo, they are wearing their masks while watering the trees. India has pledged to increase its forest cover to 235 million acres by 2030, and it starts now. Let’s hope they get to their goal! 

Most people say that the 235 million acres would represent an area the size of Texas and New Mexico combined. “Wow, that’s huge!” The planting was carried out last week by volunteers, nonprofit employees, government workers, and even lawmakers, they aren't getting paid to do this, they are all doing this from the kindness of their hearts.

Why are they doing this?

These amazing volunteers and helpers are planting over 250 million trees at the banks of the Ganges river, which will help in keeping this mighty river clean. They are hoping that planting all these trees will help to solve the world’s largest problems, such as hunger, pollution, access to clean water, and more. This planting goal is an easy and affordable way of drawing carbon from the atmosphere, with all these trees being planted in countries around the world, such as China, Pakistan, India, Madagascar, Sahel, Ethiopia, and Senegal. The survival of all these trees is not guaranteed, especially with a huge amount like 250 million, but compared to changing energy and transportation, tree-planting is an easy, cheap and helpful way to change polluted land back to healthy, functioning ecosystems. Let’s all hope that they can reach their amazing goal and the pond can be clear!


๐Ÿ—“ word of the month ๐Ÿ“–


1. A person's knowledge or experience of something.

2. A person one knows slightly, with whom a person is not very close.

Similar words: associate, ally, contact

๐ŸŒ Positive environmental impacts of covid-19 ๐Ÿฆ 

A Special Interest Story by Isa D. & Amelia B. (6)

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many hardships, including the order to stay inside and quarantine, it may have some positive environmental impacts on the wildlife around you. 

Pink dolphins return to Hong Kong

After many years the rare pink dolphins have returned to Hong Kong. These dolphins had been avoiding the Pearl River Delta because of the ferry traffic. Nearly 200 ferries would cross its waters every day! Now, ferries are discontinued due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dolphin sightings are quite frequent. These pink and white dolphins, more scientifically named the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, have increased activity by 30% according to Dr. Lindsay Porter, a research scientist with the University of St. Andrews who has been studying these dolphins since 1993. The WWF Hong Kong says that there are now likely around 2,500 dolphins in the Pearl River Delta. According to WWF Hong Kong, some major threats to these dolphins include overfishing, water pollution, and heavy marine traffic. The Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins are a very endangered species, so this relief on the environment that quarantine has provided has greatly impacted the chances of this species survival.

Venice canals clear up
canals in Venice with clear water

These canals where many tourists travel by gondola in the Italian city of Venice have been very heavily polluted for many years. Through the pandemic, these canals have miraculously cleared. The steep decline of tourists in Italy has decreased the trash and pollution among the canals. 

This has caused a dramatic change in these once-murky waters. The empty gondolas have stopped traveling causing the sediment that would usually be disrupted from the gondolas, to stay at the bottom of the canals. Although sadly, the water quality of the Venice canals has not changed. Though, the air quality of Venice has, and changed for the better. There is less pollution in the air now that there are fewer canal boats and traffic. We are very happy that the amazing canals of Venice are clearer than they have ever been in living memory.

After a long 6000 years, wild bison are to return to the UK

Wild Bison are returning to the UK after a very long time. 6000 years in fact. This release of a small herd of wild bison in Kent will help an endangered species and also regenerate the pinewood forest. The release was planned for spring 2022, and one male and three females will be set free. The bison will come from the Netherlands or Poland, where recent releases have been successful and safe. This reintroduction will be a huge step for restoring nature back to Britain. The most important wildlife in Britain has plummeted 60% since 1970 and Britain is one of the most nature depleted countries on the planet! This project is called “The Wilder Blean'' project and plans to restore nature to Britain by bringing back it’s most important species like the bison. Bison kill trees by rubbing against them, which creates a lot of dead wood for insects to eat, the insects are food for the birds which then brings more of them to the area. This project, paid for by the People’s Postcode Lottery Dream Fund, will cover 1,236 acres with the bison first placed in a 370 acre area where there are no right-of-way footpaths. Once the bison are settled in their new habitat, the public will be able to visit the area with rangers on viewing platforms. We hope this project improves life for British wildlife all over!


๐Ÿ’› words of encouragement ๐Ÿ’™

A recurring monthly feature by Lilith D. (5)

Every day we think, "life is horrible, no one likes me, I am nothing." We pull ourselves down with these words we or others say to us. Honestly, you are not alone, you have the power to be you. No one should tell you that you are someone else, that you aren't good enough. The only time that is true is when you don't give things your all, when you don't be you! You are perfectly imperfect! Also remember that -- every kid has a story, every kid is fighting a battle. Even the bully who is calling you names and making fun of you is fighting a similar battle. On the first day of school I walked in, I did not know anyone. I felt lonely. I thought to myself, there has to be someone who is fighting my same battle. I felt better after telling myself that there are people that are out there who might like me, there are people out there who love me. Always remember, you are not alone and you never will be. 

๐Ÿคฃ jacob's joke junction answers... ๐Ÿคช

1. ...a dino-snore!

2. ...a rocket-chip!

3. ...because he was stuffed!


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four photos in a grid of kittens and puppies among pumpkins and apples and fall leaves

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