Email mailing list

eNotify email communications

The Oakwood City School District uses the eNotify service for our official district and building newsletters, and for other email communications with our families. Subscribing to the school’s eNotify mailing list is needed in order to receive school information. Important information may be missed without subscription.

Managing your subscriptions

Clicking the subscribe link listed above will take you to a sign in screen. If you’ve previously created an account, signing in with your username (email address), and the password you selected when the eNotify account was created will take you to a screen that will allow you to manage (add and remove) your eNotify subscriptions (mailing lists). Additional email addresses can be added to your account by choosing the “< Back” button, selecting the “Profile” tab and pressing the green “+Add an Email Address” button.

As it stands now in eNotify, each building has a “School Information” list, this list is used for sending general messages that are to be sent out to all of the families in that building. There is a “Class of…” list for each grade in the building, specific messages targeting that grade will be sent using this list. To make sure you receive all notifications for each building, it is recommended you subscribe to the "School Information" and "Class of..." lists. To receive important information that is being sent out district-wide, you should also subscribe to the Superintendent News list.

Creating an account

If you have never created, or do not recall creating a username and password for eNotify, please choose “Create New Account” from the sign in screen. Filling out the required fields and submitting will take you to a the website’s home page. Clicking your name listed in the upper left corner then choosing “Subscriptions” should open a new window. Choosing “Settings” under the “Email Mailing Lists (eNotify)” heading should allow you to manage your eNotify subscriptions.

Forgot Password?

If you’ve forgotten your username or password for the system, please choose “Forgot Username or Password”. An email is sent to the email address entered (please double check your address) containing a link to reset your password.

Quick Unsubscribe

You can quickly unsubscribe from a particular mailing list you no longer wish to receive communications from via the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of the eNotify message. Unsubscribing from all district messages (“Block all mailing from this organization”) can be done via the same link, but is not recommended. Adding new subscriptions and managing account details must be done by signing into your eNotify account.