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Oakwood Schools Communication

To keep parents members informed, Oakwood Schools uses different platforms to share information.  Based on results from the 2019 Communication Survey, we continue to make improvements to our processes.  It’s now easier than ever to have the necessary information right at your fingertips. 

Oakwood City School District website
Our District website is your main source of information and important forms.  We continue to update the website on a regular basis to have the latest information available.  On the website, you can find:

Email Mailing List
The District uses an email system associated with our website.  By signing up for this service, you can subscribe to different email lists to receive newsletters, program information and district-wide news.  You should update your account at the beginning of each school year.  You will find directions to create and/or manage your account on the District website.

To stay engaged with the District, we recommend subscribing to:

  • Superintendent Information ~ You will receive emails from Dr. Ramey and  other district-wide news.                                          
  • School Information ~ Be sure and subscribe to the School Information list for all of the buildings your students attend.
  • Class of ~ By subscribing to your child’s graduation year, you will receive emails targeting that grade level.  If your student is at Smith or Harman, be sure and sign up for the correct list.

This program allows you to pay student fees or put money online for your child’s school lunches.  When your child is registered into Oakwood Schools, they will be assigned a five-digit code (the code will never change).  Your child will key in this code at lunch whether they are paying cash or have money on their account.  Please help them memorize the code.  You may send a check in for school fees or lunch versus paying online.  If you do this, please do not combine payments and in the note section please write “student fee” or “lunch.”

Here you will find dates for non-athletic school activities. There is a main district calendar and each building has its own calendar with events pertaining to that building. To see athletic schedules, please go to our athletic site via the Athletic button on the main page of the district site or directly at www.oakwoodschools.net.

Checking Assignment/Grades - Progress Book allows you to monitor your child’s assignments and grades (5-12 grade).  Parents of fourth grade students and parents new to the district will be given a password enabling them to sign-in.  The sign-in link can be found at on the District website.

Progress Book login and password information remain the same for grades 5-12 returning students. If you need help resetting a forgotten password, please contact the Technology Dept. at 297-1513

One Call
Oakwood Schools uses the One Call Now phone messaging system to send voice messages to our families. By default, the “Home” number of students’ primary contact is automatically entered into the One Call Now system. If you would like to add additional numbers, go to the District website.  

Also On Our Website
Activities & Athletics                                       Principal’s Page             
Contact information/Office Hours               Program of Study       
Cafeteria Menus & Price Lists                       School Supply Lists             
Exam Schedules                                               Staff Directory
Guidance Department/Counselor Info       Student Handbooks                     
PTO Information                                          

Each building will be sending regularly scheduled newsletters to parents using the School Information list for that building.  The various PTO groups for the buildings will also be using the School Information lists to send their regularly scheduled newsletters.

Social Media
The district and each building use social media to entertain, to share information and to highlight activities. We encourage you to follow us at:

@OakwoodSchools (Facebook)
@Oakwood_Schools (Twitter)
@oakwood_schools (Instagram)

@OakwoodHigh (Twitter)

@oakwoodjuniorhs (Twitter)

@HarmanOakwoodSchools (Facebook)

@LangeOakwoodSchools (Facebook)

@SmithOakwoodSchools (Facebook)