Revoke of Consent Form

Oakwood Schools frequently has the opportunity to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of our students.  Whether it’s receiving an award, participating in classroom projects, performing in fine arts programs or on the playing field, or taking part in other worthwhile activities, we want to recognize and promote our students.

This recognition may appear on District websites, in print publications and on District-controlled social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. This recognition may include photos of students as well as their names and teachers’ names, in some instances. It may also include pictures or other representations of students’ artistic work, including visual and written pieces.

We also occasionally have members of the professional media visiting our buildings to cover events and unique approaches to education our staff is able to offer our students.  Media access to students does not happen within our schools without District knowledge and supervision.  We do not provide direct access to students when the media is covering topics that might be considered controversial without parental permission.

Most families enjoy seeing their students included in the day-to-day celebration of all the great things happening in Oakwood Schools. For that reason, default consent and release for this type of recognition is granted to the District. However, we know there may be families who prefer their students not be included in such photographs and recognition. 

We require those families who wish to DENY this consent to inform us, in writing by November 15 of each school year, of their desire to have their students excluded from District-managed recognition by completing the Request to Revoke Consent form. Completed forms must be returned to your student’s school by November 15 each fall to ensure the District has a current list of students whose activities the District SHOULD NOT publicly acknowledge on the website, on social media or in other public forums. Only families wishing to DENY consent are required to take action.  We look forward to a great year and all of the great happenings by our students and staff!

Revoke of Consent Form