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Michael Wadham

After 11 years as the musical director and Lumberjack Theatre Adviser at OHS, Michael Wadham is starting a new adventure at Oakwood Schools as the School Counselor at Harman. 

Michael, a Wright State and Miami University graduate and a master's level licensed social worker, previously worked as a child and family therapist at Webster Street Academy in Dayton, and joins us from Springfield City Schools where he served as a Behavior Specialist. Michael's passion for social work and its associated ethics and values (such as empowerment, service, social justice, identifying and leveraging individual or group strengths, the dignity and worth of the individual, and the importance of human relationships) will be central to his practice as school counselor.

Through character education and socio-emotional lessons, in addition to family, classroom, administrative, and community collaboration, the students at Harman have the opportunity to not only become well-prepared for the educational requirements of junior high and beyond, but they will be armed with skills (executive functioning, emotional intelligence, social and life skills) to serve them a lifetime as well. 

What is a School Counselor?

School Counselors (previously referred to as Guidance Counselors) support all students in grades PreK-12 with academic achievement, social and emotional development and career planning. Ohio School Counselors are licensed and have completed an approved master’s program and an extensive internship. They develop and implement comprehensive school counseling programs that promote and enhance student success by collaborating with families, teachers and administrators.

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Character Education

Timber is our character education program designed to help all learners develop the skills necessary for success in today's world.

To learn more about this program and she the full scheduled for the 2019-2020 school year, go to our Timber page. 

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