Band Concert Oct. 25

Harman Band First Concert 2018

Members of the Harman School sixth grade band presented its first concert of the year Thursday, Oct. 25, demonstrating their developing skills.


Sixth Grade Instrumental Music

Welcome! We are pleased that your son or daughter is interested in playing an instrument. We believe students are most successful when their parents take a genuine interest in their school activities, so we appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to be here. All 2017-2018 sixth grade students have the opportunity to begin studying a woodwind, brass, or string instrument, and become a member of our elementary instrumental program. The choices for sixth grade are: flute, violin, trumpet, viola, clarinet, alto saxophone, cello, trombone and string bass.

The elementary instrumental schedule consists of three rehearsals per week during the lunch recess period. (Orchestra will meet once a week for one semester before school in lieu of that lunch recess period). In addition to rehearsals, students will participate in several performances during the Holiday Season and also in the Spring. Also, to be successful at their instrument, students and families should plan implementing daily practice time at home. Band and Orchestra is intended to be a year long commitment and students should plan on being in band/orchestra for the entire year. This is a class that you sign up for, similar to an elective in Junior High. Students will not be allowed to withdraw before our Holiday Concerts in December. If a student does not feel like they want to continue with band or orchestra, there is a process for how to withdraw from the class including: a parent conference, discussion with the teacher, and an exit survey to be completed by the student. This process can start after December, if needed. This is because we strongly feel that learning to play an instrument takes a lot of time and it is not something that you can learn in a few weeks. Also, this is out of respect for your fellow classmates and ensemble. Every student is important and valuable in a musical ensemble and we are counting on you to help our group be successful. We understand parents and students may have additional questions. If so, please feel free to contact any member of the instrumental music staff.

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Private Lessons

Adam Uhlenhake, Band Director,
Nate Thompson, Smith music,
Scott Forney, Harman music,
Jordan Millard, Orchestra Director,