Private Lessons

Private Lessons

While private lessons are by no means required, it is a great way to improve at your instrument. We strongly encourage all students to consider taking private lessons at some point in their musical experience at Oakwood. If students take private lessons from the beginning, they will have the potential to excel at their instrument at a much faster pace. Additionally, students can avoid developing bad habits that are harder to fix later on.

Below are some instructors that have been successful with our Oakwood families in the past.

Violin: Samantha Kauffman (937) 340-1947
Betsey Hofeldt (937) 901-4485
Karen Johnson (937) 610-0495
Zsuzsanna Przyzcki (937) 478-6313

Viola: Karen Johnson (937) 610-0495
Sheridan Currie (937) 259-0930

Cello: Mark Hofeldt (937) 293-5753

Bass: Jon Pascolini (937) 367-6767
Steve Ullery (513) 467-1190

Flute: Deborah M. Wittig (937) 974-3641
Sarah Robertson ( 937) 865-6539

Flute/Clarinet: Christina Condon - (937) 620-4920

Trumpet: Christopher Jeffery- (937)347-7415
Eric Knorr (937) 395-1320
Jay Halpin

Trombone: Richard Begel (937) 299-2476
Gretchen McNamera (513) 460-3054
Norlan Bewley (937) 253-5812

Suggested Parent Guidelines for Private Lessons

· Ask for a “trial lesson” with parent observing.
· Ask for references of other parents and give them a call.
· If the teacher gives lessons from their home, stay in the home until the lesson is over.
· Talk to your student about each lesson.
· Be highly visible with the teacher.
· Private lessons and teachers listed are not school sponsored nor affiliated with Oakwood City Schools.